Good morning Millionaires.

It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. St Matthew 4:4

Daily Journal

You see it is important to read the bible daily so that we know how to think and act because that’s what we become. You see we’ll never get any further in life than the ideas in our mind. It is important to feed our minds only the right ideas.

Every experience of our lives comes from the ideas of our minds. Ideas are nothing more than our thoughts and our thought become things. It’s important to know no matter if your thoughts are negative or positive that’s what we’ll manifest.

Each day you are creators of your lives, you see yesterday is gone and tomorrow never comes so today is all we have, by our thinking so be it done unto us. I’m very passionate about this stuff.

Mind Science

Rev Ikesays you can’t lose with the stuff I use” and the stuff we are using is called Mind Science. Every since I been exposed I been using this in my life. It has affected me negatively and positively but I’m getting better daily.

Quick Story

The Event

The other day I was heading to one of my events where I was supposed to be the M.C (master of ceremony), but my girlfriend was at my house. Lately, we’ve been having issues with a few red flags but nothing official or proof of her wrongdoings.

However, I was having negative ideas and self doubts that if I left her there alone somehow she would be up to no good. So halfway to my event, I turn around went back home to ask her to leave until my event was over or to come with me.

She didn’t wanna so I ask her to leave then we got into the big heated argument that almost threw it all away. See it was really nothing but it started because of my negative thoughts and self-doubts.

Well, I beg her to leave for 20 minutes miss my opportunity at the event to live out my dreams of inspiring people to live their dreams because of my own negative thinking and self-doubt.

You see I did finally make it to the event but in the last 20 mins and they had put another M.C in my spot who was not as good as me except in that moment because his thinking was. I vow here today to never lose my vision on this mission.

As I write this she sits next to me working on her school work. You see this didn’t hurt anybody but me, I miss my big break all because of self-doubt and stinking thinking. I don’t want to put you in my business just to use my story to get my point across. “As a man thinks, so is he.”

There are people who’ve read history but we have a chance to write history. We’re are living in a time in space we’ve never seen before and we never will again.


Today is the that we start using this Mind Science stuff to transform our lives. Write history for others to positively change lives. Let the weak say I’m strong. Let the poor say I’m rich. Let the sick say I’m healthy.

You are creators every day writing the story of your lives, you can write a box office hit or you can write a flop. By your thinking so be it unto you.

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