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In today’s post I’m breaking down an interview I watched of Yo Gotti his story and how he became a millionaire built a team and made them millionaires. That’s the goal!

Yo Gotti Story

If you’re not familiar with Yo Gotti he is a music recording artist from the streets who made it out and now owns a record label CMG and doing business with some of the biggest bosses in the music industry. Below I’m going, to sum up, some of the ideas and games he gave in his interview this will be good for upcoming artist and how to move but also anyone who wants to be a boss get some money and put their people on.

CM 10

Is Gotti’s newest album and I just got through streaming it goes hard mainly he talks about how to make it from streets to corporate without losing self? Also how to build a team and put them in a position to win. Being loyal, solid, and standing for something. Some of my favorite songs are Giving Back, Ya Bih, Family Tree, Rap Check, Ima Show you.

Build A-Team


Gotti focused on his team majority of the interview though it was about him he mention 42 Dugg, MoneyBagYo, Black Youngsta and EST Gee. Whom he all made millionaires. Gotti stated im not a investor ima a believer and when I believe in you there is no limit to the money we going put in for you to blow, we just going keep pushing into you blow.

Thats the mindset you have to have in your team you gotta believe more in them then they believe in themselves, until there belief is strong enough to carry them to the top. The major key there is belief and we going do whatever it takes.

When you have a leader like that on your team nothing but success will come from that. In return, he will receive the same respect and that took Gotti even higher. He says I’m with my guys right or wrong in the courtroom, in the streets, in the club, or in corporate offices, I stand with my team.


Independent vs major Label is a big issue in the rap game, a lot of people only look at it one-sided. As a boss and artist Gotti states, he seess both sides of the game. Often you hear rappers speaking on label crossing them or taking their money.

But you never hear about the losses of the label owners and the risk they take investing in hundreds of thousands in a man’s dream just for it to flop. The Mindset is to get to where you got to go regardless of your independent or sign to a major.

Many artists are so focused on being bosses and independent that they miss the money because they don’t have a team or major that they have to split with. I’m all for independence but don’t miss the money tryna be the boss its levels. No excuses get it done get the money stop complaining.


Stop trying to be the boss and start making boss moves Gotti states as the interview concludes it was a million-dollar worth of game for sure. But the new album CM 10 Free Game really tells the story and breaks down how his years in the game he went from streets to the artist, to record label, to making million-dollar deals at a round table with executives who run the rap game.

So much more I could write but get the money then go independent and I felt that bc I have been trying so hard to be an independent entrepreneur for the past two years though we did it was tough. In my last post, I stated I’m going back to work to get the job but I’m keeping my business.

The key is get the money first worry about being a boss later.

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