Good Day Gang!

In today’s post, I’m just journaling whatever comes to mind. So if you read this congratulations you’re getting access to the inter-workings of my mind at this moment in my life. The last couple of days has been ruthless and hurtful.

The people you love the most will hurt you the most is very true. I would of went to the moon and back for you. But I can never fold or be a Lil hoe stand tall like I’m on 10 toes! I love my kids to death but each one is a different test.

They were never the problem just the mama when she want to start the drama and the funny acting for her satisfaction. Give everything I ask other men, I can give a fuck because I’m about the run-up these bands.

Shawty outside well I’m in my bag. Yeah, I’m little hurt but I can’t stay mad. Really she set my ass on fire to get to this cash. They say they love you but never really do, all is about is what I can do for you.

At every turn there’s a different fight, stand tall bc I know who got my back. The man upstairs so I can never be scared clothe me with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. To be the king he chose to keep standing.

All my homies are dead or in prison I got 3 kids and 3 baby mamas damn I’m tripping. How did I get like this, I got lost in the world chasing these girls getting Lil pussy but now damn I’m looking stupid. Child support tryna take my license and rob me blind. Knowing every weekend I got all mines.

Tried to tell lies about me and slander my name. It works because everybody around thinks I’m insane but little do they know I’m the chosen one. And I live up to who God calls me the be. They tryna strip me down of my masculinity.

I read the Bible but still never listen I guess that’s why I’m in this position. Grateful thankful because it could be worse like behind bars or riding in a hearse.

What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger might hold my seed a Lil bit longer. For the rest of this year, I gotta keep my streak alive because that is the only way to stay alive.

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