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In todays post i’m sharing the top five rappers you should be listening to if you really serious about getting rich. The reason it’s important to watch what you listen too is because that’s who you become.

You become what you listen too.“-Jalen Hamilton


You see the human body is made up of 60% water. When music is played by water, it vibrates. It’s a fact that music moves people. This explains when you listen to music you get happy and upbeat, the tunes help achieve your peak state. Causing you to vibrate higher.

All music sounds good but not all music is good music. Especially in our community (black) community we love our music and entertainers and mimic them down to their draws. Lol

But it’s many people out there that don’t know it’s the destruction of ourselves and our communities many of the rappers and big entertainers are puppets and usually sell their soul for fortune and fame and the big man uses them to influence the masses.

There’s always a select few who will step outside the box and become independent, which is something we are big on here at Millionaire Blog, were about ownership, entrepreneurship, independence, and freedom.

Only a few have enough balls to speak the truth and these five rappers have done it very successfully and independently. This is why they are the top five not to mention they all have their own rags to riches story I want go to deep, but I attach a link to each artist where you can find and listen to their music.

Top 5 Rappers To Get Rich Listening…

1. Money Man is a fairly new artist who broke on the scene over the last couple of years, he originally started with BirdMan of cash money but he bought himself out a two million dollar deal and ran it up independently. What I like about Money Man is his relentless on getting a bag. He talks about credit, crypto, and cash in almost every song. Many people think it’s mumble rap but if you listen closely he drops jewels.

2. Lil Baby is a young rapper from Atlanta who came upon the seen behind Young Thug he is signed to QC Label under Pee and Coach K. Most rappers rap about the life Lil Baby was actually living. After finally being convinced to get in studio by Young Thug the rest was history.

He ran without and never look back Lil Baby can command upward of $200,000 for one show. He may rap about guns and dope but he telling his young’s to vote. He has been using his voice for change in a positive way but still touching hearts and minds because he is connected to the streets

The best thing about Baby is his music will put you in that mode and make you get motivated to get a bag.

3. Jay Z what else is there to say he is the first black billionaire in the music industry behind Michael Jackson. Jay Z has been able to successfully finesse his way to the top of the rap game with 20 plus years. And cleverly use his funds to start other businesses like Roc Nation, Tidal, Dusse and he became a partial owner of the Brooklyn Nets.

While also having the baddest chick in the game Mrs. Beyonce it’s much much more I can say about Sean Carter but I already have a dope article on how he became a Billionaire check it out here.

4. Young Dolph RIP Dolph who was recently murdered a couple of weeks ago. Mr. Paper Route Empire himself really changed the game and put another artist on. Coming up from humble beginnings every line is how to finesse your way to the top and Dolph did just that.

However, when you winning it comes with a lot of enemies. An upcoming artist from his own camp supposedly took him out sad but true. So when you on your road to riches everybody can’t go and you gotta watch your circle closely.

5. Souljaboy I can not make a top-five rapper list and not mention young Draco he’s one of the most influential rappers of our time. Now you may not get rich listening to Soulja but his work ethic is undeniable. He changes the way artists look at social media and YouTube after breaking through using social media, dancing, and music to make a name for themselves.

Here it is a decade later and you cannot do anything online without hearing Soulja boy music, his dances, or him just going viral on a daily.


This was a tough list to create but I truly believe if you take what you like from these artists and add it to your persona you going to be up before you know it. Just keep grinding, keep working, keep creating.

And remember what comes in is what goes out to listen to good music and artist you can learn from growing with or connect to.

You become what you listen too.“-Jalen Hamilton

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