TOP 10 Ways to Market & Sell Your Products/Services.

The motive for this post is to make it easy for people to engage with their clients and customers. As marketing expert I narrowed down the top 10 ways to possibly grow your business.

10. Direct Mail Marketing today is relevant and it works if you work it. Its only relevant if you have the  right message to the right target market.

9. Outdoor Marketing like billboards, flyers etc. Made the top 10 because I believe with billboards you can get a lot of publicity. Downfall is if the message isn’t relevant then its useless.

8. Media & PR will keep you favorably sold to the public at all times. They also have old relationships and partnerships with bigger companies that can get you mainstream publicity. Get you mega reach that you can’t get on your own.

7. Newspaper Are the authority of the local community anything that goes in those papers are looked at as important and true. However, depending upon your demographic should be the deciding choice if newspaper is right for you.

6. Radio has a lot of possibilities. Though as many people may not listen like they did in 90’s because of apps like iTunes, Spotify, pandora. Some people are still connected to their radio station and the radio personality behind it could still influence potential buyers.

5. Magazine has shelf life and durability. They aren’t usually thrown away immediatly most of the time they are actually passed from person to person.

4. TV has more brands spending on advertising then any other marketing channel. In 2017 $207 billion dollars was spent on TV airtime. TV has been increasing each year and according to my studies will continue to increase slowly but surely.

3. Internet has really came on the scene strong over the last decade and will continue to take quantum leaps because of social media, websites etc. The internet has been the go to place to search anything. Social media channels now offering ad space has really shifted the way we do business eCommerce is here and now this is just the beginnning.

2. Networking Events, trade shows etc. Are great ways to build your network with qualified people. You speak with people who are interested in what your selling and visa versa that really allows you to get your face and name out there I really enjoy networking events.

1. Word of Mouth is power-fullest way to build your business and brand instead of you going to these different outlets promoting your brand. Imagine having brand ambassordors people who are genuinely passionate about your products, services and ideas.

“Your brand isn’t what you say about you, its what the public says about you.”– JHCO

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