Disraeli once wrote, “Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.”

You are presented when three decisions in life:

  • Whom are you going to spend your life with?
  • How are you going to spend your life?
  • What are you going to live your life for?

The answer to these questions will provide with the key to riches you seek. You will either drive yourself or be driven-motivation will be the difference.

The word “motive” is defines as “that within the individual that incites him or her to act.” It is the inner urge that produces specific results that can be learned and developed.

In order for motivation to be effective, driving toward your desire, it must be internalized. Until the incentive has been interpreted and accepted, motivation has no real power.

Every thought you think, every act you take, can be traced back to some definite motive or combination of motives. No one ever does anything without having been motivated to do so.

You will need to develop a strong, positive approach to self-motivation if you are to be successful in your quest for achievement.

There are nine basic motives to which everyone responds, and which influence practically every human thought or deed.

The nine motives are:

  • Sex
  • Fear
  • Love
  • Freedom
  • Creativity
  • Financial Gain
  • Power and Fame
  • Self-Preservation
  • Anger and Revenge

Within this framework you will find the roots of everything you do or refrain from doing. Though love and fear are poles apart, they remain the strongest of all our motives.

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