I get this question all the time in DM’s. Whats the key to going viral? Instead of replying to everyone I decided to just write article for anyone who is interested in this subject.

Before I expose the keys to going viral, we need to know what viral means.

Viral derives from word virus meaning infection that replicates itself and multiplies. It’s usually considered bad but in the internet word viral is great.

Viral images, videos, advertisement, etc., that is circulated rapidly on the internet.

Going Viral is Organic

True viral content isn’t made with intentions to go viral, it happens naturally. You can’t force viral unless your a big company like Nike, Coca-Cola or brand alike who has big following and large advertising budget that can pay for push.

To make stuff go viral it has to be something people want to see and something people want to share. Sharing is what really makes your content go viral.

There are many levels on the viral scale you can have one share or millions of shares either way both went viral one just had a higher virality rate.

Virality Rate

Virality– is # of people multiplied by # of shares will = your virality rate.

This information are the keys to help you become more enlightened on going viral on social media. Theses are some of our agency top secrets when creating compelling content for our clients.

Creating Compelling Content

Is not always easy to do especially if your not a creator. However, there is a formula to creating compelling content and this formula is the one I personally use to create content for myself and clients.

This formula will help you avoid rookie mistakes I made and sky rocket you to social media success almost overnight. People will see a big difference in your content.

VRIN Score

Is the formula I use when creating for my businesses and brands we represent.

The V stands for Value! What value do you brand bring? Then create content around it. Basically branded content of the value you bring.

The R stands for Rare! How rare is that content you post? One of the mistakes I see people do on social media is copy that is death for your brand don’t imitate innovate.

The I stands for Inimitable! Are you posting content that good and unusual almost impossible to copy?

The N stands for Non Substitutable! Your post should be created in a way nobody will be able to use with out your brand image copyrighted.

Next time your posting analyze your VRIN Score how Valuable on scale 1-10, Rare on scale 1-10 so on and so forth.

A 10 is like no one has ever posted this, 1 is like millions have posted that photo.

Then you take the average of all 4 numbers by adding them up and divide by 4 that’s your VRIN Score if it’s lower than a 6 don’t post it reanalyze it to see if you can get score to 7 I recommend nothing below 7 if you want your post to go viral.


Everyone want to go viral but no one wants to put in the work to make it happen.

Like creating content consistently overtime it usually what it takes then BOOM one of your post go viral.

Usually it doesn’t happen overnight but for some it does.

I can tell you if use our VRIN Score formula for every post I guarantee a rise in your social media presence.

Thanks for reading the keys to going viral like, comment and share your thoughts in comments below if the VRIN Score works for you.

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