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Advertising is perhaps one of the wonderful developments of the commercial age. It’s a maker or breaker of businesses large and small. It’s one factor of successful sales that opt to be overlooked.

The BIGGEST mistake business owners make is one of two things.

1. Your not advertising.

2. You are advertising but not enough.

Advertising = Revenue

There are many ways to grow your business for example; word of mouth, however if you want to blow up your business and I mean fast there is no faster way than advertising.

When working with clients and helping craft their marketing efforts. One thing I’ve realized is.“Simple solutions are more likely correct then complicated solutions.”

Let’s consider advertising in the role of business. Every organization performs number of activity, typically classified in three categories.

  • Operations
  • Finance/ Administration
  • Marketing

Out of all these business functions marketing is the only one whose primary role is to bring in revenue. That’s what makes advertising so special it’s the only function that when you use money its guarantee to circulate and come back multiplied.

Especially if it’s done right by marketing professional like myself who are skilled in it’s keep and know how to get the right message to the right market through right medium.


For any business, advertising may perform a variety of functions, and when executed correctly, it’s effect may be dramatic.

To see how this works lets go back to the beginnings of Coca-Cola, in 1866, when druggist John Pemberton was still mixing the syrup in his lab.

Pemberton business partner and bookkeeper, Frank Robinson, suggested the name “Coca-Cola” to identify the two main flavors ( coca leaves and kola nuts) and because he thought that “the two C’s would look well in advertising.

Robinson wrote down in his flowing script, creating a logo that is now instantly recognizable around the world and is one of Coca-Cola more valued assets.

They later adopted a distinctive bottle shape which later became a standard throughout the company. The creation of the Coca-Cola logo and contour bottle demonstrates one of the most basic functions of branding as well as advertising.

To identify products and their source and to differentiate them from others.

7 Functions of Advertising

  • To identify products and differentiate them from others.
  • To communicate information about the product, its features, and its place of sale.
  • To induce consumers to try new products and to suggest reuse.
  • To stimulate the distribution of a product.
  • To increase product use.
  • To build value, brand preference, and loyalty.
  • To lower overall cost of sales.

First Ad

3000 BC-AD The first written advertisement said…

“Offering whole gold coin” for runaway slave “shem”.

McGraw Hill; Advertising, Chapter 1 page 15 states The Evolution of Advertising.

Up until now with the global advertising industry according to Wikipedia

Revenues of U.S. advertising agencies (more than 65,000 advertising businesses employing more than 248,000 employees) were $166.8 billion in 2014. In 2016, global advertising sales reached $493 billion. For 2017 it was estimated that digital ad sales were first to surpass the TV market.

It’s safe to say advertising is big business and if you want to earn from that big pot than you better put into it.


Advertising is a maker or breaker of businesses large and small, its one factor of successful sales that opt to be over looked.

Before you advertise establish brand, when you start to advertise your easily identified and differentiated from the competition like Coca-Cola.

Then advertise like hell to get out of obscurity and achieve omnipresence just like Coca-Cola their a global brand do you think it’s for their taste? Hell No!

People do business with people they like, know and trust. Realize KNOW is the key if they don’t KNOW you they damn sure want like you and sure hell want trust you.

My secret to success early to bed early to rise work like hell & advertise.


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