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You already know how we coming it’s your boy Jalen with the protein back with another banger go ahead and hit that like button and subscribe. If you didn’t know today’s national coffee day, I’m not much of a coffee drinker myself but when something is trending ride the wave so here we are.

Promoting our new coffee float shake made with our Herbalife Nutrition Supplements. Before I get into how to make this shake I did a run earlier on my Nike Run Club app if you haven’t joined yet send me a request we eating and pushing each other to get better.

Forever Get Better

If you don’t know by now we are about forever getting better over here. That’s one way we’re improving I have never been a strong runner until now 20 something running 7 min miles feels great while having asthma. Here’s unpopular opinion people with chronic disease can take better control and reduce symptoms and flare-ups by running building stronger lungs and immune systems.

My goal is 6 minute mile I haven’t got there yet but I cut out a few more bad habits we up.

Herbalife Shake Recipe

Now let’s get into how to make the best coffee float shake using the greatest supplements in the world Herbalife Nutrition. Now to make this exact shake you’re going to need a few products if you need to order here.

The products we use to make this shake will be our High Protein Ice Coffee, French Vanilla F1, and Vanilla PDM. For more instructions on how to make this shake exactly watch our video below step by step. I must say this was perfect for after my run.

If you’re looking to start a fitness or nutrition business and don’t know how to get started be sure to get in contact with us. Or your unhappy with your overall health and wellness we can help you reach your goals using our fitness and nutrition program.

Jalen fitness entrepreneur and the man with the plan. If you are interested in a better way do not hesitate to contact Jalen with the protein if you would like to become sponsored Herbalife athlete or use our amazing nutrition products start below.‚Äč

Coffee Float Shake

High Protein Ice Coffee 2Scoops

French Vanilla F1- 2 Scoop

Vanilla PDM- 1Scoop

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