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The New Mind Science of Living

It’s wise to approach these concepts in a spirit of awe for it will enlighten you and give you insight on how to start using your mind to achieve whatever you desire.

As I read more often about these laws I became aware of them and consciously decided to use them on my behalf. The most important thing is what you believe about yourself, Our entire experience is fabricated out of what we believe about ourselves.

This power of thought is to be found within your own consciousness your ability to control your own thought. The power of thought is like a rich garden. The soil may be converted to whatever you choose like necessary food source or by neglect it may be allowed to produce useless weeds.

The mind is always internally at work building up or tearing down bringing misery, unhappiness and poverty or joy pleasure and riches.

The mind is never idle it’s greatest of human assets yet it’s least used and most abused.

The 8 Mental Laws of Success

The most significant quality of a mental law is that it can neither be created nor altered. As one is blinded to physical laws, mental laws are also undetectable to the eye. We witness only their results bearing proof of their inevitable existence.

What You Think Upon Grows

You are a living magnet constantly drawing to you the things, people and circumstances that are in accord with your thoughts.

In other words, you are in experience in relationships, even in financial conditions, because of what you are in thought.

Simply whatever you consistently allow to occupy your thoughts be good or bad, positive or negative, this law remains true.

Law of Cause and Effect

Cause and effect is a mental law that never fails.

Day by day you write your own destiny. Thoughts are causes, and conditions in your life are effects. If you have ever wanted to know the status of your thoughts, you need only look at your conditions.

“Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

Galatians 6:7

Meaning what every you send out in word, thought or deed will sooner or later return to you with astounding accuracy.

Use or Lose

Simply stated practice makes perfect.

The familiar proverbs embodies one of the most important principles of human nature, to become proficient in any field you must practice.

An Olympic athlete will train for years just to be able to experience the thrill of a winning moment.

To achieve a standard of excellence, to accomplish anything extraordinary, means aiming high. It means being disciplined and willing to devote long hours to the task at hand.

Intelligent practice is the price of proficiency; success is often a statistical event. Prosperity is a spiritual idea of excellence.

Consider the following analogy if someone were to put your leg in a cast for several months, by the time the cast is removed your limb would of shrink or atrophy as compared to your other limb. Only months of regular exercise will restore to normalcy.

Like physical effort, thought control is entirely a matter of intelligent practice.

You must use your courage or it will desert you. You must use your determination or it will leave you. You must use your power of decision or soon you will find you have none.

Law of Correspondence

Your thoughts are profits of the future.

They can predict what to expect before it happens. Why ? Because you are basically a thinker a feeler, a dreamer.

What you think, feel and dream flows inward then outward. The basic law: first within then without.

“You do not sing because your happy, your happy because you sing.”

It signifies that the way one feels can be determined to a large extent by the way one acts.

It is an indication that we, as individuals, are not powerless to circumstances and can improve our lives. This called “law of correspondence.

If it is success you seek, you must first develop a success consciousness.

Law of Substitution

The only way to rid yourself of a negative thought is to substitute for positive one. You can not dismiss a thought directly.

You can only substitute another for it. Why? Because your conscious mind can only hold one thought at a time.

When a negative thought begins to creep into your mind immediately begin to replace it with those that are of more positive nature.

Though you may not be able to control all circumstance in your life. You can however control how you respond to those circumstances negatively or positively.

You will find a direct relationship between your level of control and you ability to effectively use the law of substitution.

Law of Belief

Belief is the key to basic mind power that turns dreams into realities, the mental into physical. The key to your riches and transformation for the better is deeply ingrained belief.

“Just believe you can do it and you can.”

Whatever the task, if it is undertaken in an air of positive expectancy, it can be done.

This law states anything you believe with feeling will become real in you life, whether it be a positive belief, such as goal or specific desire, or a negative belief, such as self limiting idea.

The key to this law lies in words with feelings.

Law of Attraction

Success attracts more success, while failure attracts more failure.

A positive or negative minded individual will attract a person of the same attitude or outlook. Like always attracts like.

Its important you become magnetized with ambition.

Those who are clear in their thinking and affirmative in their minds find self-fulfillment.

They attract positive and constructive people like themselves, and prosper.

Law of Compensation

The law of compensation can work with you or against you depending on the matter on which you guide it.

Give freely, with joy, and have no thought of a return.

If you give seeking or expecting a return you are not giving, but investing. You are not releasing, but lending. Your real rewards must come from the infinite source- the law of compensation.

You are a living magnet, constantly attracting the things, people and circumstance that are in accord with your thoughts.

You are where you are in experience, in relationships, and even financial conditions, because of what you are in thought.

I believe you were drawn to this post by the powerful law.


You can be, do, have anything you can put your mind to as long as use these eight mental laws for power, speed and direction rite to your goals.

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