Good morning millionaires. You never live this day before, and you never will again let’s make the most of it.

Today I’ll be refereeing basketball games for our recreation department. One thing I learn from officiating is no matter what call you’ll make, some teams always going be upset or disagree.

I believe in life same rules apply you can’t make everybody happy, like today I know I’m going piss some people off. Either by their lack of knowledge of the game, my mistake or simply miss communication.

Same for life your going piss some people off, they’re not going to understand you reasons, but as long as your doing for you and it’s right go ahead and do it. Never mind what they say.

Because that’s what I’m going do today be selfless and focus on motivating and uplifting the next generation. Forget the family and friends on the bleachers we in the game of life and i’m here to positively impact one millions live through marketing and motivation and today that’s what I will do to my best ability.

Idk what your plans are today, but do it to the best of your ability without thinking what the end result should be and just do. Do it with confidence and believe that what your doing and the call your making is right.

The greatest service I can render is motivate and inspire our youth and thats my goal today. So fuck what they think!

Have great day and remember todays rule. Fuck what they think!


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