Good day millionaires.

I’m going teach you about the Rich Alphabet… Study each letter and you will always have a wealthy mindset.

Rich Alphabet… Study each letter ✍🏽

A is for Assets (Accumulate valuable assets)

B is for Business (Start a successful business)

C is for Credit (Build great credit)

D is for Debt (Stay out of debt)

E is for Entrepreneur ( Become an Entrepreneur)

F is for Freedom (Strive for Financial freedom)

G is for Goals (Go after your goals)

H is for Habits (Have Great life & business habits)

I is for Investing (Invest in yourself to create wealth) Bonus* I is also for Insurance (Insurance builds wealth)

J is for Jewels (Learn and share jewels 💎)

K is for Knowledge (Study and read daily)

L is for leadership (Become a leader and teach others)

M is for money & Multiple Incomes (Learn about money and how to achieve multiple incomes)

N is for Network (Build a great = net worth)

O is for Options (I want you to know you have options and to never settle)

P is for Profits (Build a profitable business)

Q is for Qualified (Prepare yourself to always be qualified)

R is for Residual Income (Learn the importance of residual income)

S is for Startup (Startup many companies)

T is for Trademark (Trademark ™️ your creativity)

U is for Unearned Income (Learn about unearned income and the difference between earned)

V is for Vision (Have a BIG vision)

W is for Wealth (Learn to build generational wealth)

X is for X-Factor (Know that you are special and the X factor)

Y is for Y- Yield (Learn to Produce)

Z is for Zero Balance (Aim to attain zero balances)


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