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Reverend Ike.

Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II, better known as Reverend Ike, was an American minister and evangelist based in New York City. He was known for the slogan “You can’t lose with the stuff I use!

His preaching is considered a form of prosperity theology.

I’ve been a student of Rev Ike for about a year now and his books and audiotapes has been helpful magnetizing my mind to attract more money. Not only that Rev Ike open me to giving more if you want to receive more.

I could go on all day about how he’s made impact in my life, but I want to put y’all on to him so he can make impact in yours as well.

10 Commandments of Money

  1. Thou shalt not think money is evil.
  2. Thou shalt not speak evil of money.
  3. Thou shalt do right about money.
  4. Thou shalt give right about money.
  5. Thou shalt not serve money, rather money shall serve thee.
  6. Thou shalt be aware that money loves thee.
  7. Thou shalt not fear money.
  8. Thou shalt not deny money.
  9. Thou shalt have money make money.
  10. Thou shalt not seek something for nothing.

What’s you financial psychology?

I must say if your new to prosperity theology, you may have a few hang ups. Growing up christian and believing “money is the root of all evil” was a hang up for me.

Now Rev Ike help me with my money rejection complex, I now have money attraction complex.

10 Money Attraction affirmation

  • Thank God for money.
  • I thank God for money to pay whatever price for whatever I need and want.
  • I see and feel myself having and enjoying more money.
  • I see money flowing into my life with ease.
  • I see and feel money coming into my life in new and exciting ways.
  • I pay my bills with joy.
  • I use money with joy.
  • The money that I give is money seeds and comes back to me multiplied in many ways.
  • I make it my business to think, act and look like I got money.
  • I must become that which I say I am. Therefore I boldly declare, I am rich, healthy, wealthy, loving, happy ,successful and prosperous.


Never pass a bank with out being aware of it. This opens up your conscious/subconscious to the abundance of money and opportunity around you.

Thank you for your time and attention if y’all like this post let me know. So I can bring more value and better content you actually like to read.

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  1. Love Rev Ike and his teaching! Great blog post!

    1. Thanks I appreciate you.

  2. I enjoyed the selections. However, I could not join Future Millionaires. Got “Error in Subscription” message.

    1. Thanks I will fix that immediately.

  3. Please read I Timothy 6:10 in King James Version or New King James Version. Both read “For the love of money” rather than just “money.”

    1. I read it thanks for the input.

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