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Good Day Gang.

You already know it’s JHCO. here to bring you satisfaction and a whole lot of action in today’s post we’re going to uncover how the toxic punk NBA Youngboy has the number 1 album in the world from jail. Yes, YoungBoy has done it again dropped new music I’m streaming now as we speak called Sincerely Kentrell.


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If you’re not familiar with NBA YoungBoy you must be sleeping under a rock. Kentrell Gaulden, known professionally as YoungBoy Never Broke Again, is an American rapper. Between 2015 and 2020, YB would release 12 independent mixtapes locally and online and steadily garner a cult following through his work. 

YB is now 22 with the number 1 album in the world again. That’s amazing, to say the least, especially how he was able to do it with an internet fan base. No press, No promo, all while being incarcerated.

The Toxic Punk

Which is one of the best songs on his new album “fly shit, bloody storm, say she love me
Ugly boy, toxic punk, they don’t love me.”

The toxic punk who’s built an impressive catalog for himself with his relentless work ethic, catchy bars, and toxic masculinity has shooking up the world. His being locked up is only adding fuel to the fire for him and his loyal fans. The gang-affiliated, aggressive flow and unique punch lines for violence is something we’ve never seen on this level.

But what is it that makes YoungBoy name ring bells in the streets and corporate offices? Personally, NBA style is fairly new and with him being up $10 million he holds nothing back in his music. Baton Rouge-based rapper NBA YoungBoy, has been ordered to remain in custody until his trial date, according to court documents.

Gaulden was arrested in Los Angeles and taken into FBI custody in March after he ran from police following a traffic stop. Gaulden was wanted on an outstanding warrant stemming from the arrest of 16 people on drug and firearms charges in Baton Rouge.

He was given a $540,000 bond in the Central District of California. A California magistrate judge granted Gauldren pre-trial release contingent on Louisiana’s approval. But here is what YoungBoy had to say from jail ahead of the release of his new album Sincerely Kentrell.

Sincerely Kentrell

While he doesn’t do many interviews, NBA YoungBoy talked to the Grammys last year about speaking his truth through music and appreciation for his fans: “My brain ain’t on standstill,” he said. “My music is kind of my life, so you know the music ain’t going to be at no standstill. I’ll always feel like I got something to speak on or to say to get my point across. I’m always, like, in a moment with my music or with my thoughts or with my releases. That’s kind of how I do that connection with my fans.”

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