Good Day Gang.

You already know it’s JHCO here to bring you satisfaction and a whole lotta action. In today’s post, I’m freestyling just writing whatever comes. The main goal for today is just to stay consistent and build momentum in my work.

This shall be something you strive to do as well, you may not be a writer but whatever you do show up even when you don’t feel like it. The more you show up the easier it gets I believe that momentum is key. And you can use it in any part of your life.


When I first started working out years ago it was intimidating to get started in a new gym, with new people, and new equipment. But now today I can walk into any gym with any equipment and bust ass. It’s a lifestyle now a habit second nature.

Right now I’m focusing on finances especially credit and debt, building that momentum to pay down my credit cards with the snowball effect, the more I do it the easier it becomes. Within the next 90 days, I’m expecting a +100 point increase and no balance on my credit cards with these methods.

Snowballs start off small rolling down the hill slow and steady but as it gets larger it gets faster that’s the magic of momentum and compound effect. The best time to start was yesterday but the next best time is now.


I don’t know what 90 day plans you have in store but pick an area of your life and get to it for 90 days give it all got stay consistent and persistent and watch that area of your life improve 100%. People underestimate what they can achieve in a short period of time with constant momentum.

Not every day you’re going to see improvement but the compound effect of your efforts will be worth it. Thanks for tuning into today journal log be sure to like, comment, and subscribe see you in the next post.

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