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We’ve all heard if you can win the morning you can win the day one of the easiest ways to doing that is to create regular rituals and routines of what you need to do, if you can set up routines and habits.

That creates positive momentum as opposed to being reactive like many do, picking up their phone and being distracted, instead of being proactive with self care, and having a vision and direction for your day.

Millionaire Morning

I use to think going to sleep late was cool, until I realized waking up early is the real boss shid.Wiz Khalifa

Wake up early “BSU beat sun up” is what I call it. 5 am is the best time to tap into your creative vision no disruptions and if you focus you can tap into your Dreams from night before which is super power. Tapping into the subconcious mind is life hack, it also builds discipline and gives you competitive edge over others.

Immediately get up if you don’t your most likely to go back to sleep or lay in bed scrolling through social media or others apps distracted from main goal. Getting up and securing small wins like making your bed is huge success principle for creating momentum for the day ahead.

Pray or Meditate is key to knowing yourself would you rather be at peace with world and at war with yourself or at war with the world and at peace with yourself ? The solitude will help you align with Gods universe to know love & peace within yourself, no matter the enemies or problems ahead you don’t have to worry because you now have God on your side to win the day. This help discover your purpose in life and complete the mission.

Get moving you dont have to run a marathon but playing some good music and 5 min of HIIT Cardio will inject some energy into you, get heart pumping and blood flowing. This doesn’t have to be you main workout but, it’s great to do first thing morning.

Cold showers are breath taking but worth the reward with reset nervous systems a refreshing feeling calms over your body. Cold thereapy is great way to boost immune system strength and reset nervous system.

Eat a healthy breakfast I usually have my water with glass of Herbal Aloe & Tea full of vitamins and minerals to support gut health it’s our second brain. Then I’ll have a nice shake or bowl of oatmeal, fruit, smoked fish etc. Stay away from sugary foods that will get you a sugar high, but crash and burn out later.

Set goals for the day if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Setting goals gives you a target and direction for the day. Set 3 personal goals and 3 business goals for each day. This also a great time to get some self development going like reading or listeing to audios. Check your bank accounts and your investments, give gratitiude. Also great time to inform yourself about headlines, capitalise on trends and post to social media or other task.

Get to hustling its 7:15 and time to crush them goals each day is going to present new opportunities and new challenges. It’s imperative that you keep an open mind and are receptive to new ideas. The world is always changing, and you have to be willing to think about things from multiple points of view. Stay positive!


Are you ready for what today brings?

You don’t have to copy these methods exactly, but they are all important and are key in setting the tone for the rest of your day. Life can be unpredictible and having a strong routine and success habits will make it less difficult to adjust to life challenges. You’ll be prepared for life anything thrown at you.

You set the tone for your day so focus on what you want because where attention goes energy flows. Be aware what you say only speak positivity over your life what thou seest is what thou beest.

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