Millennials are shaping the world in the 21st century. 50% of the worlds population is under the age of 30 according to World Economic Forum

Made up of Gen Z and millennials. Millennials, were born between 1980 and 1994. They are currently between 2438 years old. Gen Z is the newest generation to be named and were born between 1995 and 2015. They are currently between 3-23 years old

The group I’m referring to in this article 18-28, the young people dream chasing.

Millennials are in their young adulthood and, as such, are fast becoming the world’s most important generational cohort. We are influencing culture, music, technology, business and current affairs. Only working with people and brands that’s honest and give back. We are loyal consumers to brands that have positive impacts and do the right thing like Nike.

 We’ll become even more important as previous generations retire and move into a life stage of lower consumption. Which means change in a few important areas in our economy. With a major change being careers, inequality and destruction of nature.

Popular Culture

Is determined by millennials we determine what’s hot and what’s not.  When we think of brands like supreme that was obscure just a couple years ago who has reached national recognition. Is partly because of  young rappers, rock stars and skateboarders brought it to life. Champion another brand that was dead a year ago is now the wave thanks to millennials an influencers in culture.


Hip-hop has evolved since it rose to prominence in the 1970s, from being deemed as a negative influence that had to be met with the force of the FBI, to becoming the most popular genre in the world.

Apps like Spotify, iTunes, tidal have made it easy to listen to your favorite artist or podcast. You can even find our podcast thanks to advancement of technology. I remember time and time I tried to become a radio personality and work at a radio station. 

But they never gave me a shot so I launched my own podcast and started my own radio show thats the power of technology and music in 21st century led by millennials. You can find our podcast on all platforms called Millennials Global.


Has open many doors and the way we do business. You can make millions from your cell phone if your doing it right. Apps available at our finger tips to help us do just about anything. 

As the young developers in Silicon Valley continue to create these new apps and platforms. We will continue to test them first being early adopters followed by early majority, late majority and laggards.


Millennials are shaping the world and the way we do business. With popular apps like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube. Becoming our personal medium channels to promote our products and services. 

Big brands like amazon, eBay, Shopify are allowing us to do Ecommerce and drop shipping without event touching the product. It’s amazing the things we’ve been able to do, and business we’ve built just off of our cell phones.

Current Affairs

Young people may act like current affairs doesn’t matter to us but they do. Inequality and destruction of nature are two that lights a fire under our but. Many of us are not following the traditional route of our parents.

We are unlearning and relearning all the bulls*t we’ve been fed from our forming years. Schools, parents and society at large. We are coming together to create change and begin knew traditions that empower our youth, promote equality and save our universe. Make America Great Again!


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