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You already know it’s JHCO. here to bring you satisfaction and a whole lotta action. In today’s post I’m sharing some insights from a book I’m reading by Reverend Ike in Chapter 5 called Prosperity Path, he talks about money and the lack thereof.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. My cup runneth over. Psalms 23 1-5

Prosperity Path

Rev Ike says “Make sure that your mind is at peace with money.” Money comes to you through your mind. Everything comes to you through your very own mind.

If you really want to have a good experience with money, you have to learn how to love money positively and correctly. Meaning having positive thoughts about money, speaking positively about your money, and using money to make more money.

So much more I can share about money but you need to just go get that book. Rev Ike Secrets for Health, Joy, and Prosperity For You.


Affirmative Treatment

I now take time to make sure that my mind is at peace with money. I control the money in my life. Money does not control me, money serves me. Money loves to serve me. Money loves for me to enjoy it, and to use it for my good purposes. Money is good. Money is wonderful. I welcome more and more money into my life. I think of money correctly, use it correctly and enjoy it correctly. Thank you, God, in me, for money.

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