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Good day Millionaires

It’s Jalen with the protein back with another banger go-ahead smash that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already. Just finish selling some shakes and uploading videos to our new YouTube channel if you like these blogs you’ll love our videos.

Goals over Hoes

It’s the weekend but we’re not going to get weak on the weekend we’re going to keep working towards our dreams and goals and you should too. Get more aggressive with the shit you want out of life. Stop playing shit safe and being so soft.

You gotta build with someone who wants it as bad as you do or build by yourself. I say that because too many people let other slow them down or stop their shine because they care about what they say and what they think. If your lover is making it difficult shid let them go too.

Your dreams and goals are worth more than their opinions and God put that vision in your heart for a reason and if you don’t fulfill it then it’s almost like letting God down. Get you a girl who gone chase some money when she mad at you, not another guy.

This is why I love Herbalife Nutrition everyone is on a different journey but has the same mission of being healthy and happy. I believe I need my woman to be a Herbalife girl then we are in it forever. lol

Cherry Limeade Lit Tea


In this post, JalenWithThePritein protein shares how to make the Cherry Limeade Loaded Tea using these HerbalifeNutrition supplements. Results arent typical, don’t be typical.

Cherry Limeade is made with our Lemon Tea, Lemon Lime Liftoff, Cranberry Aloe, and Cherry.

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If you playing in this Herbalife game or even in this game of life First seek the kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto you. If you understand that last statement there is nothing else I even need to say but I’m going to say it anyway.

Not sure who needs to hear this but when the love relationship is sent from God you won’t question or doubt it. Thanks for tapping into our blog today if you like the read or got value please give us a like drop a comment and subscribe.

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