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In today’s post, I’m sharing some relationship advice for men and women. If you don’t get it right now a lot of y’all going to be single or divorced. Here is my last chance to not only save my relationship but yours too. Lol

What men want 🧐

1. He wants you to believe in him.

2. He wants you to be his motivation and his motivator.

Read that again

3. He wants you to help him go all out for his dreams.

4. He wants you to understand his fight and survival for greatness.

5. He wants you loyal, Loyalty is everything to him.

6. He wants you to give him the same attention you want from him.

(This is important)

7. He wants you to understand his struggle and know that he can’t be Superman at all times.

8. He wants you to make him feel like a man.

(I don’t have to go deep into this but you know how to make your man feel great)

9. He wants you to help him achieve greatness. But don’t be judgmental and be understanding.

(Don’t be a dreamkiller or he will be in someone DM that believes In him. Trust this is an important key)

10. Stop being insecure and treating him like a child. Let him be great. And encourage, inspire, and speak life into him so at times when he doesn’t believe in himself you will be there to lift him up!!!

11. A PS5 😉


A man will never cheat if he is well-fed, given enough sex and peace of mind. Other than that he’s is all yours unless you slack or half-ass any of the above you can forget about that man asking your hand to marriage. And taking care of you and the kids for the rest of your lives.

To become more compatible with your partners love language, both of y’all go to it will better help you understand your partners love language.

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