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Kanye West and Donald Trump…πŸ€”

Kanye West might be crazy but not as much as you think. After watching the meeting he had with President Trump he hits on a lot of great pointes.

  • Larry Hoover
  • Stop and frisk
  • Cops enforcement
  • Branding
  • Jobs in America
  • Market Cap
  • Not letting racism control
  • If you black you have to be democrat
  • Much more…

I believe that Kanye is Icon and great leader. Many black leaders are disappointed with Kanye for meeting with Trump. How could you be mad at someone bringing up critical questions in the black community?

I applaud Kanye for standing up for what he believe in. Though not completely happy because I do believe there is apart of trolling going on here to make a power move for self.

However, been a prominent voice in the black community and siding with someone who is known for dividing families and absurd comments. I can see how many are hating Kanye and calling him crazy as well.

There is truth coming out his mouth no matter how you feel about Kanye West he is a very intelligent human being who may be on to something that many of us don’t see because we aren’t in his position.

My favorite thing about Kanye he’s not letting anyone put him in a box. He is a free thinker and they hate that. In America they want you to be sheep.

He’s obviously far from a sheep he may say sheep shit but his actions are bold and courageous and this actually inspires me. To get out the box I’ve been put in and become a free thinker myself. Thanks Kanye!❀️

Donald Trump…🀑

All I have to say about you is there is love hate relationship but I can not help but respect your achievements and what you’ve mold yourself into a powerful businessman, entertainer and President of United States.Β 

You heard what Kanye said…

If he look good then we look good!

This obviously don’t look good but knowing Trump this could be a troll move just know he was entertainer first. IΒ can go on about this press meeting but its all a matter of opinion let me know your thoughts in the comments be sure to like comment and share.Β 

Take a shot at our poll this is just to know where my readers stand I’m interested in your thoughts.

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