Dream it, Wish it, Do it!

I’ve always Dream of leading fitness group class but it’s not about the Dreamer its about the Doer.

That’s what I’m doing leading a fitness group class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We started beginning of August and I don’t plan on stopping not even after I open my nutrition club.

This is invitation for you to join this movement.

9 Rounds

Is my style of group fitness training basically we do 3 exercises in each round for 9 rounds. I came up with this in the shower but I started off already doing 3 x 3 exercises.

It later developed into 9 rounds my style is unique and effective, we use group energy an efforts in 45 Minute Fat Burning Morning Routine.

Icy Rome Nutrition

Is the facility where all our workouts and training session will be held. I chose this location because the owner is my business partner but also right after workouts we can head to the smoothie bar and replenish. Choices of over 100 flavors, with healthy delicious and nutritious cleanse teas, smoothies, shakes and other great meal replacement and health snacks.

January 1st, 2020 I will be opening up my first nutrition club.

Here is the location if you decide you want to join JHCO 9 Rounds fitness training session at 1850 Redmond Circle Suite 500, Rome, GA 30165.

Getting Started

Our facility is Authorized Herbalife retailer.

Group fitness classes are Free however for my services and motivational coaching I just ask that you become a customer of our product. Or make money with us as a distributor.

Let’s get healthy and wealthy together. A group of people that hang together and not get money is a NON Profit. That’s not what we about.

This is experience of my talents God gave me and I’m just finding the best way to utilize them, No better way then to bring my passion for fitness and marketing together to earn paychecks and help others do the same.


Just Helping Create Opportunity.

I will not participate in no transaction which does not benefit all whom which effects. This is my way to give back and build a business that can inspire, motivate and give back and that’s just what I’m do.

A few great reasons to join JHCO 9 Rounds Fitness .

6:00 am morning is the best time to workout, builds discipline, increase positive self image, boost confidence, watch sunrise and gives mental edge over other people lastly builds momentum for the day ahead.

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