Hey what’s up welcome to my site I’m Jalen Hamilton a promotion expert. Growing up I was average kid but I’ve always had above average dreams and goals. I was never the most popular kid but I’ve always had a passion for making my projects popular.

I developed my entrepreneurial spirits through hard-knocks of life after learning from my mistakes I’ve now turned my mess into a message and ready to inspire the world through it. With a diploma in marketing, 5+ years experience in direct selling, network marketing, personal branding and social media marketing and advertising.

I’ve solidified myself as a marketing influence; from building a global brand 1 Million+ followers, consulting to making thousands online & having the creative vision to hack culture & spot trends from around the corner. I enjoy the thrills and excitement that the market provides. I deeply enjoy those moments when I’ve helped a client increase his or her net-worth.

When I’m not working on the business or helping others craft theirs you can find me speaking at events, working out or traveling and spending time with the family.

Jalen Marketing Agency is a full-service media company built for the now.

It was started out of passion for marketing and the love for helping others. Our goal is to help small businesses increase revenue by leveraging our expert media, marketing & advertising services.

We are all about positively influencing the culture so we’ll be publishing educational, empowering and entertaining content going on in our community so be sure to like, comment, share and subscribe on our post.

If you would like to be featured TALENT or have a story to tell don’t hesitate to contact us we’re looking for you 🙂

Top Selling Services


Photography Services

Quality photography made affordable weddings, graduations, sporting events, family portraits and much more.

Video Production Services

Quality video production from start to finish including music videos, short films, commercial, infomercial and much more.



Marketing/Brand Consultation

If you are serious about growing your personal brand and achieving financial independence. I do marketing, personal branding, career strategy advice, business relationship, networking etc. Basically we’ll help you blow up!

Paid Media Advertising

 With the shift from traditional media to social media, advertising has become more relevant then ever when building a brand/business. Let the experts handle your campaigns for maximum effects.