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Nike Run Club

In today’s post, I don’t wanna force it so we gonna go with the flow as I write this it’s currently 10 a.m at my shop. And we working got up at 6 a.m pray, read, workout ran a whole mile now its time to put some work in. I had my shake now it’s time to make some sales.

Some of my work duties include creating content across all my social media channels especially the main platforms that I own like this blog. I truly believe content creators may be the future voices when it comes to brands, advertising, and making money. It’s fairly a new profession but we’re making a killing.

Oh yeah, I had one of the most amazing shakes today it was so good our Mocha shake was good and warm, especially after that cool run. The perfect meal replacement to keep me on track toward my goals while adding my vitamins and minerals back into my body for work.

Content Creators

My top platforms have been YouTube and blogging we aren’t making a killing personally but the extra couple of $100 dollars a month has been tremendously helpful. However, I believe that if I commit to full-time creating such as blogging daily and dropping daily YouTube vlogs we might just be the black Jake Paul. lol

Speaking of Jake Paul he’s a YouTuber who has changed the game for content creators his videos literally gets as many views as an MTV show, this guy has created many opportunities with his platform and brand like becoming a professional boxer an opportunity he would have never got without the brand behind him, he and his brother fighting big names like Nate Robinson, Tyron Woodley and Floyd Mayweather.

They literally brought life to the dying sport of boxing after Mayweather retired it been a blimp until the Paul brothers came to fight creating $50 million in revenue from PPV sales and promotion that incredible all from building a brand and making a name for himself with the YouTube platform.

Let’s Work

So I’m inspired to see where we can take this blog without expecting anything but being grateful for whatever comes from this. So I need your help to find the problem I can solve with these posts. I love Herbalife, I love sales, I love motivation, I love working out a few of my favorite hobbies, and very knowledgeable of them.

But I’m struggling trying to find my spot to build our community. I know I can do it but not without you all so, please. I need you to like it if you like it and comment and subscribe if you haven’t it will motivate me to keep it coming. I greatly appreciate it.

For the rest of the year, we dropping a blog and vlog, a blog on this website, and vlog on our YouTube so let’s get it. Thanks for taking the time out to read my thoughts and remember God is bigger than any problems you’re facing so let go and let God and watch what happens.

Thats all for today folks but ill see you all back tomorrow or later today for another 1 like DJ Khaled!

Let’s Go!

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