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In today’s post I just wanna get back in the routine of writing again, it’s good therapy and helps me clear my mind of clutter. But I really want yall on our Social Media Team we going strong all 2022 and I want you to build you. Below is my last six months earnings in 2021… but 2022! Just watch!

YouTube Earnings


We have been going steady on YouTube for the past year but in the last six months our results and YouTube checks have been mind-blowing.

I wish I knew about this sooner but everything happens for a reason. When I first started YouTube it was to help my business.

As I started taking it serious I turned into a business itself and pays me consistently every month. Rather I make another video or not.

Cash Cow

There are billions of people on YouTube and just 1% of that is 10,000,000 million views. If you started posting your give yourself a chance and that’s all I’m saying here.

I did and you can too, I truly believe YouTube is where it’s at I’m businesses and life right now everyone is there except you.

If you looking for a sign this is it if you don’t know where to start I recommend getting our YouTube Course Here.

Check out my latest vlog here be sure to like comment and subscribe we tryna make an impact and income let’s go run it up!

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