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You know wtf going on it’s your boy JHCO. back with another banger go ahead and hit that like button drop a comment and subscribe if you haven’t already.

Writers Block

In today’s post, I don’t have much to say just happy I’m writing again. I’ve been having writer’s block, nothing was coming out, but today I decided I got to do something because anything is better than nothing.

Idk what you’re going through but I gotta let you know one of the quotes I wrote on my mirror “if you lay down nothing happens, if you work something happens.” I have been living by this quote ever since the day I wrote it. As simple and cliche as it sounds, it’s true.

For God to help you, you have to be willing to help yourself and that’s what I’m doing in this post trying to help myself get through these storms, writer block, and all the other bull shid life throwing at me right now.

We Working

On a positive note I help a distributor open her Nutrition Club in Rockmart, GA you can check out the video here. The business has been slow especially through the winter months our income has taken a hit so we going harder on YouTube and this Blog as it is now small streams that we’re going get flourishing.

You don’t have to have to purchase any of our products but dropping a like, comment, or subscribing goes a long way to helping us to reach the promised land.


Thanks for tapping into our blog today you helped us get through writer’s block and if you’re still reading this and you’re going through the storm I’m with you but don’t give up or give in God got you. Keep the faith things can turn around in one day, sometimes in minutes.

Remember if you lay down nothing happens if you work something happens.

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