What up gang!

It’s Jalen with the protein back with another banger it’s about 10pm and I’m writing this. The main reason is to be consistent with another post.

Momentum is real and when you got it. You gotta keep it that’s the main purpose. Behind today’s post because if I told y’all about my day just know it’s been a bitch.

Just to be clear she is a bitch but she mines, though I have some shid to complain about I’m not. One nobody wants to hear it, two nobody really cares. Three, hell they glad it’s you.

People get a kick out of seeing others down and in trouble and laugh or not lend a helping hand when it’s in there power to do so.

Just know if you can help someone do it because when the tables turn that person will return your favor. Despite the crazy times we’re living in there is still good people out here.

And there’s always someone who got it worse than you, so if you can look up get up there’s people counting on you. Lets’Go!

-Jalen With The Protein

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