Remember, anything you fear and dwell upon will manifest in your life: poverty, ill health, criticism, or love.

There is nothing more important than learning the art of keeping your mind focused upon the things, condition, and circumstances of life that you really want. Here are ten essential elements that will fuel your motivation.

Fueling Desire

  1. Develop the right mental attitude.
  2. Aspire to something greater than yourself. Develop a “magnificent obsession.”
  3. Posses a futuristic outlook; take the long-range view. Release the past.
  4. Develop deep personal integrity. Be someone you can admire.
  5. Accept total personal responsibility. Remain in complete control at all times. Do not be manipulated by people or events. Operate on personal time table.
  6. Edify and affirm others. Remember, nothing is greater than love.
  7. Be grateful, not critical. Develop a gratitude attitude.
  8. Select your friends with care. Minimize people dependency. If you dominate your associates, there is no way for you to expand or grow.
  9. Do it now! Decide what habits or changes you wish to alter in your life; make those changes and never let an exception occur.
  10. Look for mentors. Mentors who “are larger than life” expand us, mentors in different fields broaden us, and deceased mentors inspire us.


None of these ten elements regarding motivation calls for any formal education or great sacrifice. Each can be verified for its soundness by anyone who understands the power of self-motivation as it relates to achieving a worthy goal.

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