Good morning millionaires.

Start a Business for $1

Pray on a name and ask for success. Use your gift and talent and whatever doesn’t feel like work that’s FREE.

Buy a domain name from go daddy for 99 cent google promo code.

Build a free website on wix for FREE.

Download business cards and flyers from Canva for FREE.

Open free social media accounts and market yourself to billions of people for FREE.

Get a EIN number for your business on for FREE.

Watch as many videos on credit, marketing, success and researching your craft on Youtube for FREE.

Open a business bank account it’s FREE.

Network daily it’s FREE.

Subscribe to my blog and email below so your first to see exclusive daily motivation and marketing advice for FREE.


This is system you can use to become a business owner over night no more excuses, for insider information on next level after this drop a comment below.

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  1. cheap money.. is the result gonn cheap also?

    1. results aren’t typical.. you’re work ethic should t be either!

  2. I was really searching for How to start a business under $1 and this is the worth reading article.

    1. Thanks brother.

  3. I am not really sure if we can get all this for free or less amount.

    1. I wouldn’t make this up try it!

  4. useful information for free

    1. Thanks I appreciate you.

      1. I didn’t know the IEN was free. Thanks for the info.

      2. Yes anytime!

  5. Interesting post. You can start a business for a little more than $1. The only question I had was starting a bank account with no money — I guess it’s possible but I thought you would have to deposit something in when you opened it. Otherwise, cool post!

    1. Thanks yes different banks has different rules, just find one works for you.

  6. Hahaha. While I agree, Not spending more than a dollar means you have to put in a lot of effort yourself and not outsource. But then again, it IS possible.

    1. Yes indeed thanks for tuning in.

  7. I hadn’t thought about trying it like this before! Do you think you would receive the same results as if you paid more for your website for example? 💚

    1. Yes it’s all about marketing skills.

  8. This is very motivational.. I would like to start my own business as well

    1. Glorious Heights already brand just monetize and you have business

  9. Yup, you don’t need much money. If you really want it, you can make do with the free stuff out there.

    1. Yes indeed Christian thanks for valuable insight.

  10. Proof that you don’t need a tonne of investment to get started. If you want it you can get it!

    1. Facts thanks for input.

  11. Thanks for sharing this informative post and inspire me.

    1. Thanks for commenting Marjie!

  12. Still in the process of doing all these steps ! very useful and straight to the point! thanks for sharing !

  13. That looks interesting and challenging idea 🙂

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