We all crave validation rather its through thumbs up on new post or a pat on the back from the boss saying good job.

In 2018 there is no bigger validation then that big blue badge next to your name on social media  meaning verified someone who is important and holds a lot of influence. Like celebrities, public figure, global brand or entity it repersents.

It’s very difficult to get verified if you do not belong to one of those categories but I do know a few ways to get the check like partnering with a marketing agency like ours or just knowing someone who works at instagram.

Today that has all change as I have submitted my request to be verified instead of hoarding knowledge I decided to share with my people because I want to see us all win. So below I will share 3 easy steps that will get you verified on Instagram are you ready?


Step 1

Hop on instagram and go to your profile account view and look in top right corner you should see three horizontal lines click on those lines.

Step 2

Next you will be sent to the setting page and you can find that in the bottom left hand corner. Click on your settings and that should look like this.

Step 3

Last but not least look under account and you will see request verification click on that fill it out you must have photo proof ID issued by the government basically saying you are who you say you are the whole reason for the verified badge is to distinguish the real from the fakes. lol

I want to thank you for reading my blog I hope that you get verified. If you was able to follow these steps and it work successfully all I ask is that you like comment or share.

Be sure to follow me on instagram at @iamjhco and if you would like to join my engagement group to help you get more engagement and followers on your account direct message me there and I be glad to add you.

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