In this article I will share some of my top secrets and strategies for creating successful advertising campaigns.

Advertising is perhaps one of the wonderful developments of the commercial age. It’s a maker or breaker of businesses large and small. It’s the one factor of successful sales that is opt to be overlooked.

Elevated 8

Are my top eight reasons we respond to ads when we see them. Theses are impulses we’re born with and must have.

To create a successful ad campaign it must at least include one of these tips.

The more you can include per campaign the better your chances of achieving your desired result.

  1. Survival enjoyment of life.
  2. Enjoyment of food & beverages.
  3. Freedom from fear, pain and danger.
  4. Sexual Companionship.
  5. Comfortable living conditions.
  6. To be superior, winning, keeping up with the Jones.
  7. Care & Protection of loved ones.
  8. Social status improval.

If you will focus on using one of these needs in your next campaign I guarantee a successful campaign. No matter how silly the creative or copy.

One of my favorite copywriting books

10 Elements in advertisements

  1. Headline is to get attention and draw to sub-headline.
  2. Sub-Headline is to give more information and further explain the attention getting headline.
  3. Photo or Drawing is to get your attention and illustrate the product more fully.
  4. Caption is to describe the photo or drawing. (Important element that’s often read)
  5. Copy is to convey the main selling message for your product or service.
  6. Paragraph Headline is to break up the copy into chunks, therefore making the copy look less imposing.
  7. Logo is to display the name of the company selling the product.
  8. Price is to let the reader know what the product or service cost.
  9. Responsive device is to give the readers a way to respond to the ad, by using the coupon, number or order info near end of ad.
  10. Overall layout is to provide an overall appearance for the ad by using effective graphic design for the other elements.
Less is more.

The biggest tip I have is when your writing make your copy like a slippery slope. So they read from headline to the next line, and so on and so forth.


We hate being sold but we love to buy. So when you create your next campaign, know the result you want to achieve rather it’s email or sale.

The first use of a consumer purchase begins in mind. People have basic wants, but the strongest advertising are based on the elevated 8.

Write copy so that consumers visualize it inside their head. Give your words detail and emotion tell story. Build desired satisfaction of result your product or service provides and or show social proof and guarantee you have successful ad campaign.


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