If your reading this right now i’m assuming your content creator, advertiser or brand looking to get involved with branded content. Before we get into How To we need to know what brand content is.

Branded Content

Branded content is the practice of marketing via the creation of content that is funded or outright produced by an advertiser. As technology and social media expand so will the need for brands to partner with content creators and influential people.

Content creators are producers responsible for the content created and distributed to any media especially to social media. It can be from entertainment to education but the basis is originality and niche it created for.

Advertiser are other producers that are large facilitators of the branded content world because they specialize and well versed in video creation, social media and online advertising.

Others that partake in branded content are media outlets, celebrities and influencers, to tag content that includes a third party brand or sponsors.

My first Paid Partnership

Branded Content Produced by @JalenMarketing

My first paid partnership was truly amazing experience with Body Vision 24/7 who is still a partner as I create this post. They were the first big brand to write us a check and run paid partnership for them.

It was a video to promote their gym, but they also wanted me to use my personal fan base and leverage my social media influence to drive traffic into there fitness center.

It was right for me because I have a passion for health and fitness. So it made sense and aligned well with brand i’m establishing as motivational lifestyle brand.

When deciding if you should partner with a brand ask yourself “Is this what my audience want to see or will this help them in some form or fashion.”

That’s why it made sense for Jalen Hamilton Co. partner with Body Vision 24/7 not to mention the FREE gym membership that I get for being a successful brand partner.

Example of our first paid partnership on Facebook.

Influencer Marketing

Influence marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole on social media. It identifies the individuals who have influence over potential customers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.

It sometime can be enter changeably used when referring to influence marketing, branded content, paid partnership, sponsorship, endorsement are all opposite sides of the same coin.

Social Media Collaboration

Are more important than ever been before. With mediums like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook holding all the attention. Gives creators with large followings and real engagement, opportunity to use their likeness to promote brands and use their influence to market products and services with high chance of conversion.

Collabs have no limit what ever you can imagine you can pull off most likely you can for example. If it was just simple product placement, or campaign video all about the product there is no limit on creativity. The creator can use to get the word out to their networks.

It’s important that the brand allow the influencer or advertiser to promote in the best way they know how to their audience and community. Because it is they who speak same language. So their co-sign is all you need.

Sometimes brands that put pressure on the creator to do this or do that can make the campaign fail do to authenticity. Its imperative you allow the creator to do what they do with in reason and guide lines which doesn’t tarnish your brand image.

Tag Business Partners

Setting up partnership deals usually take place over social media or email. But once you found a partner and agree on terms and figures. You’ll need to know how to get started on social media.


The creator will already have established channel. I’m acting as brand, if I see a creator that’s fitness model and does personal training. And we offer Shaker bottles then I would reach out with offer. Can be monetary, equity, or just mention for mention can go along way.

The best thing when creating these partnerships is you’re in full control as long as you abide the social platform policy.


Is probably one of my favorite to run partnerships on because its like a hybrid of all social platforms and the campaigns always perform well if done right.

The feature to do a real paid partnership on Facebook has to be requested. Its easy all you have to do is search in help. You will get a request form and just explain who you are advertiser, content creator, brand.

You will get the feature how to know when you have it you’ll see this. Tag Business Partners must have Facebook page to do it not just profile.


Has been leading the way influence marketing especially with celebrities and influential brands like Nike. Instagram has been a little more strict who they allow to run these paid partnerships. With the feature been available to only some accounts.

Most collabs has been outside of the Instagram feature with agreements between creators and brands. However, having that unlock feature gives your brand just another boost in the marketplace then it would with out the Instagram endorsement feature behind it.

Step 1. You must have business account if not head on over to Facebook set up page and connect Instagram.

Hit the three horizontal lines in right corner you should see this.

Step 2. Hit settings in bottom left corner and you should get this page.

Step 3. Go to business

Step 4. Once your in business category hit branded content.


Branded content and social media is the future. If you haven’t started building your community now is the time. As attention switch from old media to new media, social media you better be there because your customers will be.

If your brand it’s always important to have content creators on call that will allow you to sky rocket your brand and free you up to work on bigger projects.

This conclude my article on creating branded content if there are questions comment below, please be sure to share your thoughts on thread below. Thanks for your time very appreciated please like, comment and share.


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