It’s safe to say that businesses needs marketing and advertising more than ever today, but not the traditional advertising like billboard, magazine and radio.

I’m talking about the social media advertising. Yes if your business owner reading this stop spending money on billboard and radios ads and focus on social media.

Social Media Agency

You must have a system if you desire to do this in a big way. After running my company for little over year, I have finally found the system that works for me.

Now just because it works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you. You will have to find your own lane, but this will give you some insight that I didn’t have when I started. It may not work for you but I guarantee it’s great guide.

My System

  • Lead
  • Appointment
  • Proposal
  • Close Deal
  • Deliver
  • Satisfaction
  • Up Sale

The Close

Ninety percent of sales people or entrepreneurs don’t even ask for the sale, don’t be the ninety percent.

All you have to do is convince the business owner they have a problem and that you can fix it. First make sure they have a problem, second be able to fix it.

Always do your homework get list of things wrong and show them how much money they leaving on the table and how you can fix it.

Simple as that!

Top 10 Closes

  • Have you heard enough to make a decision?
  • How will you be paying cash, card or check?
  • So when do you want your services delivered or installed?
  • Will there be any other changes or additions you want to make to our agreement on terms or figures.
  • Who name will we be doing the paper work in your name, your company name or both?
  • I agree its a lot of money I need you to sign here and here.
  • If payments wasn’t agreeable we wouldn’t expect you to purchase sign here.
  • If payments wasn’t agreeable we wouldn’t expect you to purchase.
  • Sir until you and I come to an agreement there will be no service.
  • I’m with you sir I totally understand but it’s better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.

There is my top 10 closes I hope they help you in your next meeting. Some will take courage and boldness but if you ask you will surely get the sale.

The one I use to close a sale today was number two will that be cash, card or check?

Guess whats he said?

Jalen Marketing Agency close deal for $1,500 with down payment of $500.


Your in demand, people are looking for you, to bless you, support you, and to secure your services all over the world. In Gods name you will help people preserve people, encourage people, inspire people, rescue people and generate millions of dollars doing it.


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