How to build your platform, but first what is a platform?

A platform is an opportunity to voice ones views, opininons or actions. There is no one or specific way to build a platform, but anyone with a passion, idea, motive can build a platform by adding value and being creative and consistent.

The biggest platform one should start no matter what industry your in no matter if your a entrepreneur, artist, athlete, specialist, politician. If you want to build a business or brand you will need a platform. To voice your ideas and what you want to get across. To help grow your platform quicker having an email list can do wonders. It’s the most effective way to build your audience.

Social media everyone is on social media looking for what you have to offer you just have to be loud enough that they can hear you and find you. You don’t need to be on every platform but you need to get good with at least one or two of them and promote your content put out links and learn to advertise to more potential customers and subscribers.

Without a platform something that enables you to get your message out there and become seen or heard you don’t have a chance. Back in the day you could stand on a hill or wooden platform and be seen or heard, in the 20th century it got more complicated so we went to radio, television, newspaper etc. Sense the boom of social media the entry cost to get in is free with just access to wifi and having a phone, tablet or laptop.

So now anyone can do it but whats going to separate you from the competitive marketplace will be your creativity, consistency and content you can bring to the receiver of your information.

Platforms are a process, not a overnight sucess thing. They are long term strategic moves designed to grow slowly overtime and bolster your overall career goals and success.If you enjoyed this content please give us a like, comment or share. Want more insight in marketing and business and communications visit my website at thank you for taking the time to watch if you read this far it means you have what it takes to build you a successful platform for questions do not hesitate to reach out to us through our contact form.


-Jalen Hamilton

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