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You already know it’s JHCO. here to bring you satisfaction and a whole lot of action. In today’s post, we’rere talking about credit and how to use it correctly to live the life you deserve.

What is Credit?

Credit is one of the keys to building wealth, before we talk credit we need to know what credit is and what it isn’t. Credit is the ability to borrow money or access goods or services with the understanding that you’ll pay later. All credit can be rebuilt, repaired, or restored so if you have bad credit or want to improve on your current score I’m sharing some methods to help you get that perfect score.

I’ve struggled with credit for as long as I can remember but the more I educate myself on financial literacy the better my score has become. I also know that the ideas I share in these texts will be the only access a kid like me will ever have to the knowledge, they don’t teach in school and our parents especially in black communities don’t know shid about it.

Whilst in other communities they are putting their children at ages 14/15 on authorized credit cards and getting 800 credit scores for their children right out of high school. Matter of fact they don’t even use debit cards only utilize their credit cards.

If I had a BAD Score

What would I do if I had a 400 credit score right now? As I mentioned earlier all credit can be rebuilt, repaired, and restored and there are some methods to do it.

1. Dispute EVERYTHING negative. But be wise when doing this because you don’t wanna wake a sleeping giant, meaning a creditor you owe decides to sue you because of disputes etc.

2. Add some Tradelines, which are credit cards that has been established with a strong score by making payments over a long period of time and hold more value to creditors.

3. Add my own positive accounts and pay them on time by opening secured loans, secured cards, and things like credit strong and self-lender.(Talk more about that later) I would also add rent payments to my credit, etc. Really OVER kill my credit report with as much positive credit as I can. You can never have enough positive.

4. I would study and educate myself while building it. Learn the tricks of the trade with a good credit score you can get a house, a car, a phone with no money down. All those things we need in today’s time so it’s important to have cash but also credit.

5. I wouldn’t give up doesn’t matter if it takes me 1 month or 12 months I would feel great knowing I’m on track to never have bad credit again!


There is good debt and there is bad debt. Many people will tell you to stay away from any kind of debt. However, you need to know what debt to stay away from for example bad debt is over-extending yourself on credit cards knowing you don’t have the money to make the payment.

Good debt is borrowing money from the bank to buy something that’s going to bring in revenue for example. Going into $100,000 of debt to purchase a condo on the beach that’s going bring revenue of +$10,000/month is good debt.

Bad debt is borrowing $1,000 to get the newest Jordans. You may look good but the return is not worth the investment think smart, be smart act smart.


Once you fix your credit, the rest of your life will fall in place. Credit repair is not a bill. It’s a down payment on your future. Your new home, dream car, good credit and 6-7 figure income is waiting on you in 2022. I gave you the blueprint all you need to do is put the work in let’s go.

The action step starts by creating a Self Credit Builder account it is an app that allows you to establish payment history and build credit. I started using this January 2021 when my credit score was 489, today as I write I just hit 600 using the methods above and Self.

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