The evolution of social media attraction that leads to a sale.

Social selling is not just the new way to credibility, authenticity, and reputation. Your social presence will be dominant in the customers decision to buy from either you or your competition.

Attract. Engage. Connect. Value.

The fact you participate isn’t any assurance it will pay off. In fact the opposite is the norm. Most companies, business people and salespeople have no idea how to actually attract customers, new followers, and connections.

Even fewer brands understand that business social media must be combined and in harmony with all other internet and face to face marketing outreach.

The key word to understanding and implementing business social media action that lead to attraction and connection success is VALUE.

VALUE in the message you tweet, post and share. Value to your customers and prospects so they pass your message on to THEIR connections.


I tweet to my 10,000+ followers. They resonate and those who believe it’s worthy or applicable to their followers RETWEET it, FAVORITE it for their followers to see. That allows me to pick up another 100+ followers a day.


I upload a new video each week on YouTube. It’s posted on my blog, in my tweets, and on my Facebook page. Somewhere between 1,000 -10,000 people will view it, like it, and not want tot miss the next one so, they subscribe to YouTube uploads.

It’s not about tweeting. It’s about being re-tweeted.

Social Media

Jalen Marketing Agency

LinkedIn Connect with us, the number one business resource. I post article about marketing and business as thought leader which brings value.

Facebook Like us, then read and watch our content we put out content daily.

Instagram Follow us, my favorite imagery platform which is great for my fitness brand.

Twitter Follow us, where I post several inspirational and motivational quotes.

Youtube Subscribe, I post entertaining and educational videos and document the grind to building a successful marketing agency.

Spotify Subscribe to our podcast where I provide weekly marketing and motivational material to take your business brand next level.

You cannot control how people search. You must be find-able by company, person, product, topic and keywords that will get your name to pop up.

It’s not one thing that creates attraction. It’s strategic combination of social media, and other marketing efforts mix to attract interested buyers.

It’s confluence of value based things that are valuable to customers and prospects.

I just shared a few of my offerings so you could see the diversity and multiple opportunities that prospects have to find you, be attracted to you, connect with you, and buy from you.

The Click

The path that will attract the all-important CLICK.

CLICK means someone wants to see more, especially if they are looking to buy or connect.

One click means nothing, well it means you get a look. Two or more clicks on the same page or site gets a deeper look and maybe a connection. Especially in social media.

Numbers matter the number of followers and connections you have can be difference between click and no click.

Comments, ratings, recommendations, and endorsements matter more than numbers.

The more a prospect clicks on your stuff the easier it is for them to make a buying decision in your favor. The’ll be more likely to click if your site is easy to navigate.

And if you have testimonials and social proof others has purchased from you and loved it, then you can guarantee the sale.

Building and growing your attraction platform is not just about what you say, post, or do; it’s all about what OTHERS think of what you say, post and do combined with what actions they take as result of it.

Thanks for reading our article if you got value leave a like, comment and share with someone you think this will help. Bless Up!


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