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Good Day Millionaires

It’s Jalen with the protein back with another banger go-ahead hit that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already. I’m currently sitting in my shop thinking, planning, and executing my mission. It’s Monday and I just got off our team called and I’m pumped for not only what we’re doing in Herbalife Nutrition but the impact we’re having in our community providing people the opportunity to be healthier and happier.

Motivational Monday

The motivational call that we have every Monday is so impactful for distributors we get to hear different testimonies and stories of people who are succeeding with the Herbalife Nutrition opportunity. Today speaker was Shayna Fabizo who is Senior Executive Presidents Team 20k which is a great position and takes hard work, dedication, and sacrifices to reach.

What I like most about Shayna’s story as she was diagnosed with breast cancer and after joining Herbalife Nutrition the support system the energy the team-building helped her along the journey with her cancer while building her business and staying healthier.

Congratulations Shayna I hope you find this post and others who may be suffering from the disease. Herbalife Nutrition product is not intended to diagnose, treatcure, or prevent any disease. But it will help you supplement for a better option from foods that creates disease.

One thing I can agree with in her story was the community and support system that you have when going through difficult times. Your Herbalife team is always there to help you.

My big take a way from what Shayna said was “be open to everything and attached to nothing.”

Protein Muffins

In this episode, Jalen with the protein shares how we make the best Protein Muffins in the world using this HerbalifeNutrition Supplements order yours below. For more in-depth step by step watch the video in this post to see how I make the best protein Muffins in the world.

Formula 1 (any flavor)

Protein Baked Goods

Almond Milk


Add ons optional

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Jalen fitness entrepreneur and the man with the plan. If you are interested in a better way do not hesitate to contact Jalen with the protein if you would like to become sponsored Herbalife athlete or use our amazing nutrition products start below.​

Thanks for all your love and support.…

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