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You already know it’s JHCO. here to bring you satisfaction and a whole lotta action. In today’s post were discussing how I earn $25,000 dollars selling Herbalife last year. This year we going to earn $250,000.


If you didn’t know Herbalife Nutrition is a health and wellness company that sells supplement products. However, you won’t find these products in-store like at Walmart or Costco. They can only be sold and purchased through Independent Herbalife Distributors.

It’s main focus is on weight loss which is why it’s the #1 weight loss company in the world. I got involved about three years ago. Not to lose weight but to gain muscles, after trying multiple supplement brands it was hard to discover one that didn’t make me sick, upset my stomach, or give me the results I wanted until I came across the Herbalife brand.


The day I join Herbalife

At first, I was skeptical so I went to the event and the rest was history I got started in 2019 my first year was pretty shitty. I started using the products and trying to sell them but after 30 days of complete failure, I quit. I stop using the products, I stop trying to sell them. I wasn’t focused and I was hanging around a bunch of losers.


When the new year came around in 2020 I realized I wasted my previous year. I was unhappy, So I got back on my Herbalife Nutrition program and started taking it seriously. This year I went from 170lb skin and bones to 185lb of solid muscles. My body transformation was incredible. Now I wouldn’t say it was all Herbalife because my work ethic was bar none.

It gave me enough confidence with the product to go out and sell it. This was technically my first year really selling it bc I had piss poor effort when I first signed up. But this year it was different something was telling me I can do this entrepreneurship thing. Though I only earned about $2,500 in sales it gave me the belief I needed to go to the next level. I quit my job and went full-on.


In 2021 I set up tables in gyms, hosted events, did calls, made videos, and open up my first nutrition club we earned $25,000 in sales of the Herbalife Nutrition supplements, and this changed my life forever. I didn’t work a job at all in 2021 and lived off my Herbalife business.


It’s 2022 we are off to a slow start but I believe if we dedicate the next 6 months exclusively to our goals. Don’t tell anyone. Don’t make any announcements just fall back and do the work this may be our 6 figure year. So if you ever thought about starting Herbalife or looking for something new this is it. You are the right person, this is a perfect time, I am the right coach let’s go hit that link below to get started.

Get started!

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