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You already know it’s JHCO. here to bring you satisfaction and a whole lot of action. In today’s post, I’m sharing how I earned $1,000 dollars on Youtube last month. If I can do it with Herbalife I know you can do it.


I don’t care who you are you’ve watched a video on YouTube of something, it doesn’t really matter what it is everyone has viewed something.

And it’s only going to get bigger and bigger as we continue to expand the internet, blockchain and social media 2.0 so if you haven’t started a YouTube what are you waiting for? The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago but the next best time is now.

Beginning of this year, in January exactly I ran across a guy killing it on Youtube I got in contact with him and did a podcast interview and blog post to figure out how he was making a million a month on YouTube. Yes, that’s right one million a month. After consulting with him I wrote up a blog post here. Then immediately got into action creating content, well eight months later here we are.

Finally getting results it’s been a long tough grind well actually not really just been consistent and now we’re taking off. Sense yall gang I want yall to eat off the beast too.

Two Routes To YouTube Success

Route one you can create your own content basically whatever you’re knowledgeable or passionate about rather it is vlogs, gaming, reactions whatever just do it. This is also the route I took to get started but I’m going to start the second route which is.

Route two is where you can create a cashcow channel which is a trendy word for them but basically put you delegate the video production processing by having other people make the videos for you.

I decided to start with route one because it’s all I had was a dream and a camera I had a phone and I knew what I wanted to cover, but now I’m all about delegating so if you wanna know how to do this keep reading.

My $1,000 Month

So originally the goal was to just get the ad revenue but to get that you need 1000+ subscribers and 4,000 watch hours I had 30 subscribers and 30 something watch hours when I locked in, today we have 3,333 subscribers, and hell of watch hours something like 20,000.

After unlocking the monetization feature the ad revenue started to roll in it was only about $150 a month, but my protein sales have been out the roof. Yes, I sole $800+ of Herbalife protein and the other $100 a something comes from Ad revenue.

I never even thought of making money selling the protein I was just trying to get eye balls for ad revenue, but actually the latter is better option especially if you have a product your passionate about or merch.

There is so much knowledge I have gained over the past year that I have decided to create a YouTube Course dropping October 31st so go ahead if you are ready to get a head start in the game and bypass the trial and error my course will be available in 10 days.

Sign up here and you will get 1 on 1, 15 minute consultation with me on October 31st the release of the new course.


There are two types of people on YouTube the ones that get paid and the ones that get played which are you?

Digital assets are the new real estate, I look at YouTube channels as digital assets. Build them up, get the cash flowing, as cash flow increases, the channel appreciates in value, build equity and potentially sell them down the line for 10x the annual income. That’s the goal!

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