The Beginnings

Sense a young boy I’ve always had a passion for making my projects popular. However, I never knew that I was practicing marketing and promotion until 2012.

While on Instagram I followed a guy living a lavish lifestyle, he would promote everyday chartering private jets and sitting on the beach counting large amounts of money with beautiful women feeding him fruits.

What 19 year old wouldn’t be inspired by that? After watching for few months I hit him up and he said $25 to join I was naturally a skeptic and closed minded. So I didn’t join but kept watching.

However, 6 months later he still pushing the same message and showing his lifestyle. I was broke teenager working at Hardees, & that last friday when got paid I joined him. Not knowing what I was even purchasing.

After sending the money he emailed me a bunch of info and i’m like, wtf is this so I call him up cursing him out everything mad asf you scam me. He said nonchalantly “have you even started promoting”?

I felt stupid but took to Instagram and started promoting. The same check I had earn from Hardees that day I took photo of money posted on instagram and said who want to make extra income and my DM lit up. I closed my first sale a few days later and the rest is history.

When I made my first online sale my whole paradigm shift about money. The product was a $25 course by infinity downline which was all about YouTube marketing. If I knew then what I knew now I would have learned it because it was just the beginning of the giant YouTube platform.

Wake Up Now

As I started building my social media presence and killing it as affiliate marketer selling other people products. I started getting notice like the guy who had put me on.

Though it was people admiring social media promotion skills and saw I had earned thousands on Instagram. Presented another opportunity to me which was Wake Up Now.

Wake Up Now was a network marketing company focused on health and financial services. Though the company folded two years later after becoming a member. I did pretty successful for myself.

Building a team of +100 distributors and many customers who love our famous Awaken energy drink.

Wake Up Now was a great experience for me not only did I develop my offline skills by hosting events and doing cold calls and three ways to help my team. It turned me into a beast marketer and put me in room with some of the most powerful entrepreneurs and speakers in the world.

Walking across the stage and being recognized and rewarded as a top producer was a surreal experience I will never forget.

Marketing Diploma

After experiencing a taste of business success and getting my feet wet in the real world I decided to go to college. I attended Georgia Northwestern Technical College for two years.

I earned major in Marketing Management with minor in entrepreneurship. It was a great feeling walking across that stage more certified and experienced in the industry.

Instead of getting a marketing job after college I launched my own social media marketing agency.

Social Media Marketing Agency

With the knowledge, skills I learned through my previous work in the industry I quickly realized business owners needed help with this.

They had traditional brick and mortar businesses but they knew nothing about selling there product and services on social media.

So I would go out into business and sell them on the vision I could increase leads and revenue by leveraging there social media and brand story telling.

I did well for myself with just under $10,000 in annual billings creating content and advertising on social media for these small business. I grew gyms, restaurants and clothing stores. With gyms being my favorite to work with because I would always negotiate free memberships in our agreement.

What’s next

I spent many years help build others business and brand. Some folded, some I left and some turned against me. But I’m still here and one thing I love about it is my skills are transferable where ever I go.

So it wasn’t all a lost or in vain, because I now want to give back Yes Jalen Marketing Agency is in full effect. We are now more focused on building our on brand and social media platforms. Especially YouTube hint why I said if I knew then what I knew now.

This blog will be a go to motivation and marketing platform for entrepreneurs. We no longer will sell other products because we are creating our own courses to teach you and short cut your path to success.

Be looking out for our book releasing this year 2019. We are available for coaching as well if your interested in working with me personally or the brand check our product and services page and see where we can add value to your life. If you like this content listen to our podcast available on all platforms called Millennial Global.

We still have a lot to achieve on this earth if your company or brand looking to bring in professional consultant to help your marketing team we are available. Thanks for your time and attention looking forward to working with you in the near future signing out.


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