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Good Day Millionaires

It’s Jalen with the protein back with another banger go-ahead smash that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already. Just finish working out and uploading videos to our new YouTube channel if you like these blogs you’ll love our videos.

Changing Lives

Yesterday while working at my nutrition club I had a customer come up who was weak and barely standing up he franticly asks can I get a shake I’m like of course. I could see something not right as I proceed to make the shake I ask if everything ok he says yes except my blood sugar is dropping and I feel dizzy.

While our customer is a judge and also a very physically fit man in his 50s hypotension can slow down any strong man if enough blood isn’t getting to the brain, heart, organs, etc. So as I proceed to make his favorite banana pumpkin spice shake. He gulps it down and immediately I see a sign of relief on his face.

As he says I got you in a min talking about I say no worries take care of yourself first. Yeah, we’re in business to make money but our main purpose is to change lives. Herbalife Nutrition didn’t only change my life it saved my life. And on this day it looks like it might have saved one of my customers’ lives as well.

Herbalife Nutrition Protein Select

In this vlog post, Jalen with the protein prepares a SELECT protein shake for our customer, who’s a lactose-intolerant and selective eater we introduce the New Formula 1 and Vanilla Protein SELECT in this video which is Non-GM, Gluten-Free, Certified Vegetarian with No Soy or Dairy whatsoever.

What Is Lactose? Basically, lactose is the sugar that’s in milk. Our bodies use an enzyme called lactase to break down that sugar so we can absorb it into our bodies. But some people with lactose intolerance don’t have enough lactase. That’s produced in the small intestine.

So Herbalife SELECT version is perfect for anyone who’re friendly eaters.


Herbalife not only changed my life it saved my life. I guess Mr.Rasbury to because he’s back as I type this up at my bar he comes in now asking for another shake without the banana. At Herbalife we don’t just change lives we also save lives thanks to all my customers, supporters, and Mark Hughes for creating this great opportunity let’s keep making the world happier and healthier.

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