Good Day Gang!

29 approaching fast time to get serious out here I played around with my potential so much failing friends and family but today is the day.

I wanna apologize to anyone who’s been hurt or affected by my selfish choices. Especially my children who has suffered the most.

Everyday boys turn to men and today is the day I commit to being a man and accepting everything that come with that.

I’ve been entrepreneur for the past two years though it’s rewarding it can be very difficult, especially when sales aren’t producing and bills still need paid.

So with that being said I’m going back to work. I’ll still keep my business because I work so hard to build a customer base.

But bills and other responsibilities are coming in stronger than ever so I got to meet those challenges head on.

And for my relationship of the past year it has been up and down but mostly down and that’s not right so I gotta go left.

Don’t take this post as victim post or feeling sorry for myself bc I don’t, but I am sorry to the people who has been affected by my decisions.

Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times.

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