Grand Rising family this one for my dads out there.

Father day can be filled with ups or downs just depending on the family situation relationship between the mom, child and dad.

There are many circumstances in each family so this post may not fit all, but i’m writing from a place as a father.

So understand know matter how good or bad a father you have been, today is your chance to improve on it. Especially if it’s from a broken family meaning mom and dad aren’t together or working together.

Presents < Presence

It’s not all about the presents it’s about the presence. The media and big advertising companies had sold the public on presents. Don’t be fooled because your child want remember the presents, but they will remember your presence and that’s all that matter.

Child Support

Is a term that has been washed up. When you say child support first thing I think of is government. Why? I guess because I been paying child support sense 18 I am now 26.

Over $10,000’s of dollars paid in support, even though I been in my child’s life sense day one.

It just the way the game goes now a days. For any father on papers do what you got to do and more who cares money comes and goes. I can understand your frustration but don’t take it out on the kid(s).

Because of the mother and the government are at war against you for your money. Don’t lay down fight like hell, it’s going be tough but I’m rooting for you.

June 6, 2019

Fathers day is your day so don’t let no one mess it up, enjoy it. Spend time with your seed if possible. My plan is to get my two daughters and go to dinner and movie.

It’s a lot more I want to write but I’m keep it short and simple it’s about the presence not the presents.

I say that time and time again because it seems no one is getting that message. Quick story and i’m done.

My daughters birthday

April 27, 2019 my daughters birthday I wasn’t completely on my feet, but I also wasn’t on the ground. I call to wish her happy birthday and baby mother ignores my calls and messages.

I started to drive over there but I didn’t want to make a bigger mess of the situation so. I went ahead to work, well on break I get on my phone and BOOM.

BM done went to Facebook posting a negative status about me basically saying I didn’t get her shid for her birthday. And some more stuff she went in on me though it hurt, but I didn’t let it phase me.

I wanted to reply but instead I let it past. You don’t have to attend every argument your invited to.

Basically she was saying I didn’t get her nothing for her birthday. Though the day before I had just paid $267.00 in child support. Had no more money to get her nothing and she blasted me on Facebook.

Then it hit me who cares about the presents its about the presence.

Happy Fathers Day!

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