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Russell Vitale 25, known by his stage name, Russ, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. He is known for his singles “What They Want” and “Losin Control”, which peaked respectively at number 83 and 63 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

He recently released his new album ZOO September 7th, 2018 where he speaks about the industry is a zoo with a bunch of fake friends trolling and looking for clout. A bunch of junkies promoting lean flossing diamonds. Lately many artist, producers, influencers in the music business has been clowning Russ and it has now become a trend.

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But thats not it after interview Russ did with VladTV in 2017 speaking on self sufficiency and doing his own producing, song writing, recording etc.  He boast of his achievements and him being able to produce a record from start to finish.

Russ is very outspoken and not the average looking rapper so a lot of commercial opportunities may seem to come easier. They think he don’t respect the culture and gets in to easy. Unlike his white counter parts Eminem & Mac Miller 😇. A lot of people took offense and he’s been butt of the industry ever sense, recently Russ has had enough and started fighting back.

Russ fights back…

After catching artist Smoke Purp at festival his entourage jumped Purp for the shid he was talking about Russ on social media. After sending that message not even weeks later he sends his goons to check & beat up Adam22 a media influencer on No Jumper podcast.

Now there is so much he say she say going around in the industry, now that Russ is dishing it out people are asking has he gone to far. I completely understand not to choose sides, but I respect Russ and how he has handled his business and continue to prosper as young artist.

When your becoming trending topic and butt of joke people using your name to troll, get clout and say negative things about you. Even if your a celebrity have money your still human, have feelings and can be effected just like any other bully situation. Bullying is serious and many kids have committed suicide from this same treatment.

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Maintain self

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Positive attracts positive and negative attracts…

The old saying is true and still stands “what goes around, comes around” if you speak negative, act negative towards others for so long they’re going retaliate and what will you receive, negativity consequences. I believe those guys got what they deserve. I’m not here to preach but so much negativity about Russ I decided to put out some positive about the guy.

He is not my favorite artist but I do like him and after writing this article and doing research I found out he is great guy. Listening to his new album ZOO I like him a lot more because of the message in his music is nothing but positive vibes and facts, but he did rip a few artist on his new album.

I respect what he has achieved in his life making Forbes list becoming millionaire and becoming real artist speaking on important matters. Those great achievements being only 25 with us being the same age I admire what he does and look forward to working with you in the future if your reading this Russ. Keep up the good work and keep killing them bless up!

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