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Yesterday I wrote a post for the Ladies about what your man really wants from you in 2022 here. It got me a lot of backlash with women asking can they write a blog up for the men, I said no but I’m writing one up for them here we go fellas.

What Your Woman Wants🧐

1. She wants you to man TF up, level up, and become the best man you can ever be. Not just for yourself, but for her, and your family. 

This is very important bruh.

2. She wants you to stop the immaturity and become a man. Stop trying to follow others and the trends and get out there and be great!

3. She wants you to never depend on anyone! If you are getting paid below your worth she wants you to take action upon yourself and get out there and let the world know your worth.

4. She wants you to stop whining, bitching, complaining about what always goes wrong. She wants to hear what is going right. She wants you strong, brave, and FEARLESS.

5. She doesn’t want to hear that your credit score is 500.

She doesn’t hear you don’t have insurance on her and the family. 

She doesn’t wanna hear you always say you gotta pay the rent on the 1st. She wants a house. lol!

She wanna know you got this, that you working on that credit, that you are about to get that house for the family, that if you pass away the family will be ok financially because you were responsible and got them covered!

6. She wants you to stop playing house. Either marry her and show her you serious or move the fuck out the way. 

7. She wants you to stop making excuses. She doesn’t wanna hear you don’t have the time to build. Just STFU and do what you gotta do to be successful. If that includes taking risks SO BE IT. At least you trying.

8. She wants respect. She wants you to help her with her goals and dreams. She wants you to be a true leader and a king and lead her to a great life. She doesn’t want a BOY she wants a MAN!

9. She wants you to stand up, fight for what’s right and do whatever it takes for your family to live the best life they can live. If that means moving to a new city, changing your circle, and humbling yourself then dammit do what TF you gotta do.

10. All eyes on her. 


She wants you to keep the focus on her. Stop DMing and inboxing other women that you KNOW couldn’t hold a candle to the way she walks, talks, act, and treats you. Give her the ATTENTION she deserves!

To become more compatible with your partners love language, both of y’all go to it will better help you understand your partners love language.

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