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Good Morning Gang.

You already know it’s JHCO. here to bring you satisfaction and a whole lot of action. In todays post we chilling Sunday is Lords day the day we tend to take off and do self care.

You can’t really help other people until you improve yourself, each day you should try to get 1% better, after year that 365% improvement.

Think how much better our lives will be stop trying to over haul your life over night. Instead focus on making small changes at a time.

Overtime those changes will add up to big transformation.

Sunday Funday

On the weekends I get my girls Ava and Aniyah who are 6 and 10. Therewith me now as I type this at Restaurant Moes they have kids eat free on Sundays, we just finishing eating outside in the shade.

My youngest Ava 6 said this was the best day of her life, I couldn’t even say nun I just looked at her and smiled.

Lord knows the difficulties I faced building-relationship with them it feels good to finally be accepted. Though it’s not always our fault for the disconnect it’s our responsibility to reconnect.

The day before (Saturday)

We had a good time working at the shop going to the festival and playing at the park + they got paid, my oldest Aniyah 10 ask why I’d give them more money than usual.

Truth be told I was listening to Bob Proctor the Godfather of Self Improvement and he mentions money saying ” when two amounts come into your head when your ready to give always go with the larger amount so I did it. lol

The downtown festival in Calhoun, Georgia was cool meeting the city public safety and trying the different foods was a good experience with the kids.

Anyway, they’re rushing me now and ready to go. Asking can we go to Bucees the biggest gas station in the world so I guess we’re going to check it out.

But guess what gang they got their own money so we are good. I teach them principles of saving and investing too, so it’s up to them what they do with it.


Thanks for tapping into my blog I just wanna say to the fathers out there you matter G. Don’t let no one keep you from your seed.No matter what always fight to be in your kid’s life it will make you and them better.

Child support pay that shid dawg, if you struggling cool but give when you can. We already know the system wants us to fail it’s just another reason to go harder don’t complain find a way to make more money.

Your time will always be more important than your money don’t worry just keep God 1st and the rest will fall in place we out. Subscribe to our YouTube we dropping family videos too let’s go!


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