Good Day Millionaires

You already know it’s JHCO. And today i’m feeling good blessed and on mission to positively impacting 1 million lives through my inspirational writings.

Hawks vs Nets

Yesterday my daughter and I enjoyed the NBA game Atlanta Hawks vs Brooklyn Nets. The hawks were defeated by the Nets. They definitely need to make some adjustments, and i’ll leave at that.


This time with baby girl was much needed. She is one of the brightest pupils I know makes straight A’s, has manners and loves me unconditionally what else can a man ask for.

Dad, Aniyah

My daughter is light everytime we come in contact it’s like she boost my energy 10x and the harmony that we have together is undescribable. Life is full of challenges on daily so after a week of problem solving. I be burnt out, if you fan of this blog you know what I mean. Great weekends with her always recharge me.

Hawks vs Nets

Life can run you down and exhaust you, leaving you feeling despondent, discouraged and lacking “pep.” Something we’ll experience many times. It’s important to know who that light is for you.

Because when the mind, body, spirit is in a depleted condition, must be recharged, and the manner in which this is done is through contact with more vital mind on minds.

Master Mind

Is when two or more minds grows out of the blending and co-ordinating in a spirit of harmony. I came across this realization last night. How amazing kids are Alpha they don’t care their always truthful and real. They’ll tell you what you need to hear, it’s infinite intelligence.

We are so connected that I get some of my most important life answers from her it’s amazing. So if you have not found that person that will spark your candle when life blow it out. It’s ok; not to late just next time you hear make sure you chose your master mind.


Quick story

The hawks face mask we had just won was pretty cool the Live Events people was throwing souvenirs. I so badly wanted get her one but 1,000 other people in section shouting for it as well.

The lady through one to the left side, then threw to the right. She glanced behind once where we were but proceed to the main crowd. As she taunts the crowd to make them louder, people get aggravated some sits down.

I continue to do everything to get her attention, she wouldn’t budge. As she got ready to leave everyone started sitting, i’m the only one left standing and my daughter had yet to get one. So i’m determined. I yell hey behind you, right here! She looks around but doesn’t see anyone, right here behind you! Then everyone in our section looking.

Not feeling embarrassed but feeling courageous I hound on and BOOM! She reached in her bag pulled out the face mask threw it and my daughter caught it. A rush of excitement and satisfaction grows through my body to see the huge smile on her face to win something.

Babygirl if you ever read this remember you have something special you have greatness within you.

Tip for readers always remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease. See y’all tomorrow.

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