Have you ever seen a man who had no quit in him, who would never let go his grip no matter what happened; who every time he encountered defeat, would come up smiling and with increased determination to forge ahead?

Have you ever seen a man who did not know the meaning of the word “failure,” who never knew he was beaten, who had erased the words “can’t” and “impossible” from his vocabulary; the man who no obstacles could stop, who was disheartened by misfortunes? 

If you have- you’ve seen a conqueror!

No one is immune to failure, and everyone meets with it eventually during a lifetime. Nonetheless, each of us has the means by which we can overcome failure.

Though I’m only 25 I have experienced my fair share of failures personally, business and relationships. However, that hasn’t stop me from moving forward. Your failures should not stop you.

“A man is great not because he hasn’t failed; a man is great because failure hasn’t stopped him.” -Confucius

I could go on about this topic and ways to overcome it, but in order to make this article as strong as possible I’m keep short and simple. 

The next time you encounter failure and adversity. It carries within it the seed of equivalent benefit. Begin to recognize that seed, and plan it through action. You may discover that there is no such reality as failure until you accept it as such!

You may explore the secret of persistence by uncovering the ten most prevalent causes of failure.

  1. Lack of definite purpose, goal, or chief aim.
  2. Lack of ambition to move past mediocrity.
  3. A negative mental attitude.
  4. Lack of self discipline.
  5. Lack of vision and imagination sufficient to recognize favorable opportunities.
  6. The use of race, sex, or circumstances as a reason for inactivity.
  7. Lack of belief in the existence of infinite inetlligence.
  8. Ill health.
  9. Lack of persistence in carrying through to finish that which you start: unwillingness to go the extra mile or render a service; the habit of running away from unpleasant circumstances instead of mastering them.
  10. The desire to get something for nothing.

Are any of these effecting you don’t worry because I have been effected by one or more of these reasons. But the great thing about finding these out is we can no longer use them as excuses. So as I conclude my article I wish you much love and success on your journey. -JHCO

Why accept failure when success is free. -Kevin Gates

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