There are no open doors to the temple of success. Everyone who enters must forge his own way. Success waits patiently for anyone who has fortitude and determination to seize his share of the American dream.

You must remember that it is you who creates your own opportunities not fate, luck, or chance. 

Lack of opportunity is ever the excuse of the poorly directed. Every life is full of opportunity.

George Bernard Shaw once said: “God has given us a world that nothing but our own folly keeps from being a paradise.”

In other words, we live in a world that always has the potential for affluence.

Black Man 

If a slave like Fredrick Douglass can elevate himself into a orator, editor, statesman, and success business man, then what ought the poorest black child born today, who is RICH in opportunities, accomplish with his life?

Just think for a moment, if average slave who suddenly found himself free, with no food, shelter or clothing, could lift his life from the ”gutter most” to the “uttermost,” then what should the black American of today accomplish?

Think, Act, Be

In truth, opportunity first takes shape your mind. It’s expression of how you  perceive yourself as well as how you perceive your enviorment. The achievers, the innovators, and the movers and shakers are those with courage and insight to say.

“Yes I can! There is a way and I will find it!”

Opportunities abound! YOU ARE OPPORTUNITY! You must stop complaining about your unfortunate past or bad luck and realize the opportunities that exist around you now. 

Self Help

Is the offspring of adversity, the progeny of defeat. The spirit of self-help is the root of all genuine growth in the individual.

If you rely on others for help, you lose the stimulus to improve yourself , which in effect renders you comparatively helpless. Put forth the effort, and practically anything you desire is yours. 

When opportunity is seized, self help is simultaneously activated. The path of greatness and success is paved with self reliance.

Self reliance plus determination times persistence is omnipotent.

Nothing can stop you!

Bet on yourself and make your dreams a reality!


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