Last week I met some guys while at work, if you don’t know i’m in sales. After selling the gentlemen his new iPhone XS Max we continued to talk.

He mention he had a business account, commission are nice when you activate a business account, so I proceed with the up sale probing asking questions.

My next question what’s name of your business he says Herbalife , immediately I pause, bell goes off in my head of familiarity I’ve heard that name before he proceed to tell me all about it.

Ironically i’m interested so then he says, hey this weekend we are having extravaganza in New Orleans you want to come?

It’s all weekend event it starts Friday, note it’s Thursday I quickly brushed him off nah I’m good thanks though. As he continue to talk the more interested I became.

So finally he left we trade contact info and he says hit me up if you have change of mind we’re leaving at 6:00 in the morning.

Rest of the work day that’s all I thought about, next day rolls around 4:00 am I wake up and something tells me I should go. So I text him let him know I want to go he responds great here is my address.

I pull up to his house he has a sprinter van and I notice other cars pull up. It was team outing I dont know anyone but I still feel this pull that I am in the right spot.


I wake up we’re in New Orleans and first thing we do get to the event and check in. I’m not apart of the company yet so I have trouble getting registered.

We continue to enjoy the new scenery and have fun we walk into the stadium where the event is held everyone is going crazy energy through the roof i’m excited. The guy who invited me excited, i’m loving this.

We hang around for while enjoying, the main event actually start on Saturday. So we head out and go touring the NOLA eat the famous gumbo and walk down Bourbon St.

I’m enjoying everything we talk hangout and when we get back to the hotel I say hey man thanks for this opportunity I’m going join you I hop on the phone and sign up.

I’m in now the excitement really pours own next day we arrive at the event this time I have no trouble getting registered. It’s great im networking getting showered with gifts and my new team is treating me like royalty.

Moral of the story when you get opportunity take it you never know where the path may lead you.

I meet the big sponsor making over $10,000 a month in herbalife company and ironically we both live in the same town, he also runs a nutrition club selling the herbalife products.

Now I’m believing I can actually win with this opportunity. We proceed to talk at the nutrition club and drink the cleanse tea, shakes and smoothies.

We created a plan how I was going start my distributorship and i’m telling him about my social media accounts with over 100,000 followers and he says i’m into fitness hard and says we need a coach here.

Another bells go off I’ve always wanted to lead group fitness classes and now I have opportunity to build a business and make money doing. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to get healthy and drink shakes.

So we come to agreement Monday, Wendsday, Friday I host group fitness at 6am and everyone who joins the class FREE will possibly buy the product. Or become distributor in my downline.

Network Marketing can be strange business if your not familiar with this business model however this is the business model of the future where you can achieve health, wealth and happiness.

So i’m in, if your reading this you can be in too. God has presented you with the opportunity only you can take advantage of it.

Just click here to get started with me or visit the opportunity tab in our menu.

One year from now I will be operating my own fitness club and doing over $10,000 a month in this company don’t miss your chance to get in on the ground floor.

Don’t wait for opportunity create it.


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